Mister Cee Opens Up More About Sexual Dealings With Transgenders And The Aftermath Of It All In GQ Magazine


One of the hardest things to do is to be able to tell the truth about who you are even when you aren’t ready to. You may or may not remember, back in September of 2013 Mister Cee was forced to admit that he’s had sexual dealings with male prostitutes after a transgender blogger named Bimbo Winehouse outed the beloved Hot 97 DJ on YouTube.

Since Mister Cee made his pubic announcement, everyone has pretty much been mum about the situation until now. Mister Cee recently opened up to GQ Magazine about it. Inside Cee tells the story of how his bad dealings with women is what caused the desires of yearning fellatio from transgenders. He also talks about how he felt like a dead person when he saw his face in the paper after being arrested for dealing with a male prostitute and the aftermath of it all.

Peep the excerpts below. (more…)

A Bald Headed Amber Rose Hits The Streets Of Beverly Hills In Goth Chic Attire


Amber Rose is back! Yasss muva!

Amber Rose hasn’t been out much since the birth of her baby, meanwhile she’s been working on getting her sexy back through a series of workout plans and dieting. Yesterday muva gave those Beverly Hill streets a taste of her new sexy. She hit the town rocking a gothic inspired ensemble. She wore a black velvet skater dress, plaid shirt that she wrapped around her waist, a pair of black boots, sunnies as usual and black leg warmers.

Before heading to Neiman Marcus she posted a selfie on Instagram, where she proclaimed herself as the “Bald head Scallywag”. Check out her selfie below. (more…)

Porsha Williams Accused Of Owing $18,000 In Unpaid Rent


Has Porsha Stewart oops I meant Williams been putting on for the cameras?

If you are an avid viewer of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, then you would know about Porsha supposedly splurging on a 8,000 sq. foot mansion that costs far more money then what she could afford. When fellow cast mates and family members questioned Porsha about why she wanted such an expensive house her response was that she was using it as “motivation”. Although we’ve seen her in this mansion on television, reports have surfaced that she owes back rent to a condominium complex not rental property. Hmmm?

According to public court Porsha Stewart has been sued by The Grandview Condominium Assoc and the judge has ordered that her bank account be garnished for $17,859.67. TMZ reports the following:

Porsha lived in a high-rise condo complex in Atlanta … and she’s fallen behind on her homeowner’s dues — to the tune of $17,959! Now the homeowner’s association has filed legal docs (more…)

Rihanna’s Man Crush Monday Mychal Kendricks Responds: “I’ve Been Trying To Reach Out”


Rihanna done got this poor guy all worked up for nothing!

A few weeks ago Rihanna pegged Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks as her Man Crush Monday on Instagram. Immediately, Rih’s fans reacted and blew up Mychal’s Instagram suggesting that the two should hook up. Since then Mychal has tried to reach out but can’t seem to get in touch with the singer. Awwww.

Mychal recently caught up with Philadelphia’s Fox 43 and when asked what he thought about Rihanna’s post he said;

I was flabbergasted. It was cool and uh very flattering and if she see’s this then hey.

Reporter: Can she give you a call?

Mychal: If she has my number. I mean I’ve been trying to reach out but hey.

Rih probably isn’t thinking about calling Mychal back. She’s had two more #MCM’s since Mychal’s so he now has some competition. See who they are below. (more…)

Photos: Robin Thicke Spotted In Paris Nightclub Making Out With Beautiful Mystery Woman


I know you want it!

This past weekend Robin Thicke was spotted having way too much fun inside of a Paris nightclub. The singer was photographed smoking cigs, drinking and dancing the night away. Robin’s alcohol consumption may have led him to forget about his wife for the night though.

At some point during the night Robin was pictured sharing secrets and making out with a curly haired beauty. Robin and his mystery woman looked like they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and at one point they may have even shared a kiss.

We’re certain that Paula Patton didn’t have deja’vu about this and as clear as these pictures are Robin certainly wouldn’t mind a few blurred lines.

Catch more photos below.  (more…)

Drake Impersonates Katt Williams, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and More on Saturday Night Live

photo 1 (65)photo 3 (43)photo (35)


Last night, Drake had viewers glued to SNL for his highly anticipated appearance.  The Started From The Bottom rapper went back to his acting roots and performed various skits. Drizzy even impersonated some of your favorite celebs such as Lil Wayne, Kat Williams, Jay-Z, and Alex Rodriquez .

Drake’s opening sketch included a monologue re-enactment of his Bar Mitzvah, followed by a public apology for the viral acronym YOLO. Other sketches showcased Drake acting as a dad at a slumber party and a guy working at Disney World. Random right? The actor/rapper also had a few musical performances which included songstress Jhene Aiko. The two smoothly performed their smash hit From Time.

Watch the full episode of Drake on Saturday Night Live below. (more…)

Vanessa Simmons And Mike Wayans Hosts Rubber Duckie Themed Baby Shower

photo 3 (40)

A Simmons and Wayans family affair!

The Wayans and the Simmons all in one room? Lots of laughs, love and inspiration is just what’s needed at family gatherings.

Just weeks away from delivering their baby girl, Vanessa Simmons and her boyfriend Mike Wayans held an exquisite rubber duckie themed baby shower yesterday at the Sugar Factory in West Hollywood. The shower was filled with lots of yummy colorful treats and close celebrity family members and friends.

The mommy to be looked great, dressed in a fitted striped maxi dress with her hair down her back and curled. Pregnancy never looked better, she’s glowing honey!

Check out more photos from her shower below.  (more…)

Sexy Girl On Girl Talk: Erica Mena And Cyn Santana Talk Being Lesbians, Who’s Better In Bed And More On Hot 97

photo (34)photo (33)

Girls kissing girls, cause its hot right!

Since this season of Love and Hip Hop has aired, folks have been questioning whether Erica Mena and Cyn Santana’s relationship was genuine or if they’re just posing as a couple for ratings. Despite the fact that we’ve watched the two express some serious emotions on television the two ladies sat down with Ebro and Rosenberg of Hot 97 to further express their love for one another.

During the interview the two dished on how they met, who’s the man in the relationship, their sex life, Erica’s alter ego “Eackon”,  if they ever get jealous of one another, marriage, babies and so much more.  They even had a brief make out session.

Peep the excerpts.

On whether or not their relationship is real:

Rosenberg: I don’t know. I don’t know if I believe it fully. Erica I know you love yourself so you found someone who looks like you to make out with.

Cyn: That’s not what it is. We just happen to look a like.

Erica: I think it’s just because we’re always around each other. And I think it’s because you become what you eat. You know that saying.

On their sex life:

Rosenberg: Who’s better at eating? (more…)

New Music: Danity Kane “Bye Baby”



Danity Kane is working chile. Just one month after their comeback show at the House of Blues where they performed All In A Day’s Work for the first time, Danity Kane has released some more new music.

Their latest single Bye Baby is the new break up anthem. The girls sing:

Yes, I told you love was blind
And it wasn’t on my time
But you still love me the way that you do
If I was always with my girls
Poppin bottles by myself
Would you still play me the way that you do boo?

Baby don’t cry, crybaby

Listen to it below. (more…)

Photos: Beyonce And Jay-Z Rent Out Entire Zoo For Blue Ivy’s 2nd Birthday Party


Hold on mommy!

Beyonce held on tight to her little princess last week during her 2nd birthday celebration.

Reports state that Bey and Jay rented out the entire Miami wildlife habitat and jungle botanical garden, to include a princess themed party, face paintings, games, animal balloons and more. Blue put a slight twist on her princess outfit. She was dressed in a purple tu-tu and multi-colored Jordans.

After unwrapping gifts, Jay-Z helped Blue as she attempted to ride her new Minnie Mouse truck while Beyonce and Blue played with animal balloons.


Beyonce posted the photos to her Tumblr account giving us a small taste of the experience and keeping the rest a beautiful mystery. Check more flicks out below. (more…)

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