[NEW MUSIC] Erica Mena “Where Do I Go From Here”


“Where do I go from here”

Last year if someone would have come to me telling me that Erica Mena could make a hit single I would have probably laughed. I'm sure most of us would have laughed after seeing the clip of Erica singing to Rich on an episode of last year's Love and Hip Hop NY. Surprisingly the new record Mena is pouring her heart out on isn't so bad. 

Take a listen below…

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Sounds like J-Lo or J-NO mixed with auto tune ?

Tamar Braxton and Claudia Jordan twitter beef Exchange


Tameka Harris also known as Tiny or better known as T.I’s wife hit the television airwaves last night for a Valentine’s special of “Tiny Tonight”. The cast of the show, Tamar Braxton, Trina and Claudia Jordan, sat down amongst each other to discuss candid celebrity topics everything from Beyonce and Jay-Z to Taylor Swift and her many escapades. Well apparently last night Mrs. Tamar wasn’t feeling Claudia on a particular subject or another because some slight shade was thrown via twitter.

If you care check out the messy exchange below...

see more at thejasminebrand.com

Frank Ocean is not going to Press Charges against Chris Brown


Frank Ocean has decided not to press charges against Chris Brown. Last week the two gentlemen were involved in a brawl out over a parking spot in LA. Chris Brown fled the scene which left Ocean with the authority to press charges against him. According to the letter that Frank posted on his tumblr he is willing to forgive Brown and wash his hands of the incident rather than going forward with any type of legal action.

See what Frank wrote in the letter below…


Way to go Frank !!!!

Caught in Public without a Publicist – Rihanna 


Ri Ri kept it very casual and chic this weekend. Saturday she was spotted on the set of her music video for her song "Stay". She wore a black dress with black bo-bo sneakers and accessorized it with a gold chain and a pair of  "old skool" frames.

After the Super Bowl, Ri Ri stepped out for a little fun in a cute little red number with an army fatigue boot camp jacket and a pair of open toed skinny strapped heels.

Check out more photos below…

If you like the looks that 

Beyonce Announces the “Mrs. Carter” Show World Tour


The moment you've probably all been waiting for … *drumroll please* Beyonce is going on a World Tour !!!  

Bey has definitely been on the grind lately she just put on one heck of a halftime show during the Super Bowl, she is prepping for the premier of her documentary titled "Life is But a Dream" which will hit television screens on HBO February 16th and she is currently working on another top-seller album. According to MTV News, Queen Bey's up-coming album will have some dope collaborations as she teams up with artists such as Hit-Boy, Kanye West, Miguel, possibly the hubby Jay-Z and more.  

See if Mrs. Carter will be touring in a city near you below…

Keyshia Cole Gets Ratchet With Michelle Williams Via Twitter


Keyshia Cole and Michelle Williams beefing? Who would’ve guessed that ?


After a great game of football and a phenomenal performance, that took place at last nights Super Bowl, from Beyonce and former group members Kelly Rand and owlMichelle Williams you would think we would be able to savor that moment for longer than just a New York minute. Sorry guys that isn’t the case because right after the performance Keyshia Cole jumped on her twitter to let the twittersphere know exactly how she felt about Michelle and her performance. She tweeted.. (more…)

[Monday Morning Motivation] Antonia L. Griffin-Talks Struggle before Success


Good Morning Super Stars !!! 

We may at times of weakness feel that there is  a need to fulfill our souls with food, sex, or even drugs. God is the true fulfillment of our souls, establishing discipline and value are the most fulfilling habits of all. Antonina L. Griffin's story can relate to that the best .

Antonina is an African-American mother, wife, entrepreneur and woman of God. She and her husband owns a business called "A Greater Divine Place" . She alone owns her own business in VA,  2 non-profit organizations one that targets social change through the lives of young women titled "S.C.A.R" and another that focuses on anti-bullying called "I got your B.A.C." Before Griffin reached her success she had to struggle through losing both parents, being raped, abused, being a single mother and a drug dealer. In the end she talks finding her faith in God.

 Watch her heartfelt story below.

She is a walking testimony for all of us young women out here trying to become successful.  When life throws you lemons don't just make lemonade build a lemonade stand meaning make the best out of whatever your situation is. Never give up and keep your faith in God always!! God Bless you all !!
via facebook/breathoflifedaily

Beyonce’s Black-Out Performance Super Bowl 2013


Call Future, Call Kanye, Call Rihanna we need somebody to get in here and turn up the muh phuckin lights because Beyonce Knowles lit up the NOLA Superdome stage and took the lights with her when she left !!!

The highly anticipated moment that Beyonce had her fans worked up for came tonight and most would agree that it was well worth the wait ! For the viewers that were tuned in or should I say glued to the t.v. screen during B's  Super Bowl 2013 half time performance would most likely agree that her performance was probably the best half-time performance to date. Bey set it out with a plethora of lights, visuals and her former group members of Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. 

Baddie began with "Love on Top"  then turned up with "Crazy in Love" and "End of Time"  she brought out her Carribean moves with "Baby Boy" as she performed it she yelled,"Dutty wind dutty wind". She welcomed Kelly and Michelle to the stage to perform "Bootylicious", "Independent Woman"  and they joined in on her hit single "Single Ladies". 

Check out the full performance and pics below…

Jay-Z definitely approves of this message. Check out the photo of what he tweeted below, a picture gallery and Beyonce’s post-game letter.

Alicia Keys Sings National Anthem at Super Bowl 2013


Alicia Keys brought an all new perspective to the National Anthem at this years 2013 Super Bowl. Prior to tonight, Keys promised to bring something brand new to her performance she said, “I’m really excited about it, I can’t even lie, I have to rehearse it totally, as if it’s a brand-new song, because it is actually a brand new song in the style that I’ll deliver it. I’m actually rehearsing like a maniac.” The "girl on fire" singer showed up and showed out with her piano and soulful rendition of the National Anthem.

Peep the performance below…

Nicki Minaj on Jimmy Kimmel Live ! Talks new album, Mariah Carey and almost getting arrested in Dubai


Nicki Minaj has been making appearances to promote her new album titled “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up”. She recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about here recent visit to Dubai and how she almost got arrested and to perform songs on the outside stage. She performed singles “Va Va Voom” and “Freedom” . She also dished on how she feels about Mariah Carey, giving people nick names since a little girl and she shows the audience that she can speak some Spanish,that caused the Mexicans in the audience to go wild.

[The head barb is definitely multi-talented].

Minaj went for a very casual but fashionable approach in a Robert Cavalli paint suit and Timberland boots. She later dressed up her outfit for her performance by throwing on a military style hat.

Watch full interview with Nicki and Jimmy and see Nicki’s performance below….

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