Cele-britt-ee of the day: April Green 


I am elated to be featuring such a beautiful woman as cele-britt-ee of the day on ihatemypublicist.com. 

When this haute cele-britt-ee isn’t strutting down the red carpet with her fashionable clothing and star studded shades on she is probably ducking the pesky paparazzi as they try to get the perfect shot from her. Furthermore when she isn’t in the public eye at all she’s just being herself, April Green. Who is April Green? April Green is a small town girl with the heart of a lion. After being diagnosed with cervical cancer last year Green began to see life a lot clearer than others and instead of taking life for granted, like most people do, she began to take it more serious. With the help of family, friends and her faith in God Green is able to get through the tough days that she encounters.

She writes….

Well here's a little brief story about me that changed my life; last year of 2012 I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer! For awhile I was in denial but I began to deal with it the best way I can! It's a lot of people out there that take life for granted while other people in the world didn't get a chance to live the life they had planned out for them! It was either cut short by a sickness or a weapon! & I can honestly say my sickness changed my life a whole bunch! It made me scared, ashamed but at the same time I appreciated life a lot more! It gets rough at times but with the support of my friends & family I get through it! It's times I feel like God is pushing me to the edge of difficulty but at the same time I'm trusting him fully because I know he will never leave me nor forsake me! Thanks for taking the time out & reading this! 

April Green 

Hi April I personally want you to know that you are going to get through this. Stay confident, keep your head held high and give your situation to God because only he can fix this. Start to channel in positive energy and I promise things will began to turn around for you.  Today you have been crowned cele-britt-ee of the day so take that title and strut with it. Don't focus on anything else that can potentially ruin your day. 

Shine super star you are beautiful !

Angela Simmons has Total Meltdown over the Launch of her New Website


What isn’t this fashion and entertainment guru got her hands in these days? Seems like just about everything.

Fans were ecstatic while Angela Simmons had them all riled up for the launch of her new website yesterday. Simmons launched the new website around 10 pm last night and due to an overwhelming number of traffic trying to be a part of the experience the site crashed. 

Side Bar: Sheeessh Angela you can go ahead and send some of that traffic my way I don’t mind haha.

The website will feature  fashion, beauty, fitness and none other than the woman behind the brand Angela Simmons herself. Once the site is back up you can view it AngelaIAm.com

Meanwhile Miss Simmons has been in Miami, FL having it up. Peep some of her photos from instagram below…

via instagram

Selena Gomez goes Vintage in Latest Photo Shoot


Justin Beiber is out in Paris celebrating his 19th birthday meanwhile his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez just packed her suitcase full of 1960’s retro clothing and headed to the west coast.

Selena Gomez dressed in retro bathing suits,  cat eyed glasses,  vintage jumpsuits all while posing next to a bright turquoise two door convertible is looking like Justin may need to snatch her back up. She recently went west to the desert in Palmdale, California for what appears to be a "damsel in distress" type photo shoot and she is working it. 

Totally check out pics from the photo shoot below….

Pics from JustJared.com

[Fashion] Rihanna: Double Denim Jeans


Last night, if you are anything like me, you were probably scratching your head when Rihanna posted pictures of herself with double denim jeans on. That's right ! It's double denim in a single pair of jeans. Hey it's Rihanna she wears what she wants and makes it look nice.  

Last night Robyn launched her new River Island Collection on Oxford Street in London. She tweeted, “In London launching my #RihannaForRiverIsland collection tonight on Oxford Street #phuckyoclothingline”

 These unique pair of jeans were created by Rih Rih and are a part of her new clothing line with River Island, you can purchase them now for $150. The singer paired the jeans with a white cropped tank from her collection and her Manolo Blahnik heels.

See more pics below…

Later on instagram she opted to place her feet in a pair of socks that read  fuc* inside of her timberland boots. 

Will Smith’s son and Kim Kardashian’s sister Dating ? New Couple Alert : Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner 


Rumor has it that Will Smith's son Jaden Smith and Kim Kardashian's younger sister Kylie Jenner are dating. They were spotted strolling throughout London having lunch together at Caffe Nero the other day. Jenner was draped in all black everything while carrying a Celine bag. 

The following day Will Smith chaperoned the young couple on their exquisite date to, Japanese Restaurant, Nobu. Paparazzi continuously snapped photos of the duo while trying to leave the restaurant. 

According to reports, the two were hanging out together in London for Justin Beiber’s 19th Birthday extravaganza. How cute !

More photos below…

Kylie is definitely a natural in front of the camera, Jaden not so much.

[NEW VIDEO] Fabolous “B.I.T.E” 



Yesterday Fabolous released the official video for his song “B.I.T.E” off of his latest mixtape Soul Tape 2. In this visual, Fab is giving us black and white clips of him rapping in his hometown projects of Brooklyn, NY. This song which was produced by Teddy Da Don starts off with Biggie Smalls saying

Ni**as is tryna eat, that’s all I look at it as
Ni**as wanna eat food
Ni**as is tired of being on the streets
Ni**as is tired of robbing and stealing
Ni**as tired of selling drugs
They tryna get some money

Watch the video below. Explicit Version 

[NEW MUSIC] Ciara Releases New “Body Party” Single 


Remember the “Promise” and “And I” singer, Ciara ? If so, you can expect to hear that old similarity in her new single released today “Body Party” . Ciara borrows the beat and flow from Ghost Town DJ’s 90’s hit song “My Boo” while Future chimes in singing ooo every so often on the track.

Not only is Ciara’s boyfriend singing on the track but he also co-wrote it. Ci Ci tells Juice Magazine

If you listen closely, you can hear him.

Let’s just say that this record came out of a very sincere place.”I think when things just organically feel right, naturally good things come from it.

See More and Listen below…

He' s such an amazing, creative person. 

I can be very creatively expressive myself, but there’s nothing like being able to work with someone that can bring a new flavor. What I like about [working with] him, it’s almost like I got to learn more things about myself.

I can’t avoid being inspired by what’s going on in my life. To be honest, I’m in a very happy place.

Draya Michelle and Drake “Still Got Mo Money” at Strip Club Cameo during CIAA Tournament 


*Cues in Rihanna Pour It Up”

This past weekend celebrities were spotted in North Carolina during the CIAA tournament having the time of their lives. Two in particular "Drizzy" Drake and basketball wives reality star Draya Michelle. The two were spotted making it rain, or in Rihanna's case "pouring it up", in Charlotte's strip club Cameo. 

Draya was giving super sexy in her black “Mena Monroe” mesh striped shirt and skirt outfit. Although Miss Michelle stays laced in the hottest clothing this diva would rather wear her nice clothing in a strip club as opposed to wearing it on the red carpet. Here’s why.

She posted this photo via her instagram and the caption read, “I choose green carpet over red carpet”.

See more below…

Meek Mill was spotted out as well.  

Lil Wayne gets Rowdy with Camera Man at the Super Bowl


"Look at me when you apologize"  is what Lil Wayne yelled to the camera man that pushed him as he was walking through the crowd on Sunday night. Weezy was enjoying the Super Bowl in his hometown at the NOLA Superdome but things went down hill when a camera man pushed Mr. Carter and didn’t quite give Wayne the apology he was looking for, Yikes !

Watch how it all went down below…

Tell em why you mad Weezy !! haha

Rihanna Embodies her Blunt Blowing Habits in Recent Photo Shoot with Terry Richardson


“Who cares how you hatas feel”- Rihanna

Rihanna took art to a whole new level in her recent photo shoot with photographer Terry Richardson. She embodies her blunt smoking habits while first rocking a leotard, second switching it up into business attire and third showing even more versatility in a 90’s outfit.

She tells Terry Richardson on instagram “Can’t wait to do it again, you phucking rule bro”.

Check out the outtakes below…

And this is why we love Rihanna !!!

via Instagram

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