Sway Responds To Kanye : “Kanye West Gave Me My First T.V But It’s A Lot About This Story Kanye Did Not Reveal”



Just a few days ago Kanye had the internet in an uproar when he claimed to have given Sway his first tv. Kanye wasn’t happy when he received the number 7 spot on the Hottest MC’s in the Game list so he called up Hot 97 The Angie Martinez show to put Sway on blast saying, ‘I just wanted to tell everybody I gave Sway his first tv and he need to remember that.” West immediately hung up the phone after saying that.

Now Sway is coming back with his side of the story. Sway says

I did remember that. You know what I’ma do? That very TV today…I still have that TV he’s talking about. But it’s a lot about this story that Kanye West did not reveal. There’s more to the story ladies and gentleman, and typically I don’t bring stuff to the surface I protect relationship. Today I’m gonna bring that very TV that Kanye West is talking about to rapfix and I’ma sit it on the set and let that TV co-host with me and I’m gonna tell the entire story of my first TV courtesy of Kanye west 4pm rapfix on MTV jams.

Watch the full interview below. (more…)

[NEW VIDEO] French Montana and Nicki Minaj “Freaks”


Feeling Freaky ? 

French Montana and Nicki Minaj came together and produced this sexy Carribean track known as “Freaks”. The video features French Montana in a fur scarf and plenty of gold chains rhyming over the beat with the aura of nothing less than a boss while females, in between scenes, dutty wind right on into Nicki’s verse. Nicki in her first scene is squatting in a chair while giving the guys an eye full of a**, a**, a** and fiery rap lyrics. I’m sure this was a walk in the park for the head Barb considering the fact that she is part Trinidadian.

Watch the freaky visual *at your own risk*  below…

Chris Brown leaves his long-time Body Guard Stranded in Bermuda


Chris Brown is at it again. This time with his body guard. Body guard though ?

Apparently Chris Brown had to hire a new security team after he and his long time body guard Big Pat got into some sort of argument. Some people might remember the name Big Pat because ironically Pat was the one who took a bottle to the head for Chris, during the heated argument that took place between Chris and Drake last year at Club Wip in NYC. 

Full details are unknown for what really took place between the “Don’t Judge Me” singer and Big Pat but what is definitely certain is the fact that Big Pat was left in Bermuda after Brown would not allow him to get back on the plane. The Bermuda Sun tells us that after talking to an airport employee this is what happened…

I’m not sure of the details of what happened on the plane but his plane came in, got serviced and everything was finishing and they were getting ready to leave.
Then there was a stall. The security guard got off first. He was standing outside talking to the pilot. Then Chris Brown and another guy came off.
They had to come inside to Customs. They then went outside to have a cigarette. The security guard came inside [an airport building] and said he wasn’t getting back on the plane
The man told him he had gotten into an altercation with Brown.
Chris went back through Customs and the plane left at about 2:20pm.

Big Pat took the next Jet Blue flight back to JFK airport.

Later that night Chris was out with new security arguing with valet service over a $10 service charge. Peep that story below…

Chris Brown was leaving Pinz bowling alley in LA after a charity event when he got into it with an employee of the valet service in which his car was parked. In the video below you can hear Chris going back and forth with the employee and following up by saying, “FU*K $10” so it was unclear as to whether or not the $10 was paid. Watch below.

[NEW MUSIC] Drake “5 a.m. in Toronto”


Is this a diss Drizzy ?

During the early hours of 5 am today, while you were probably drooling and snoring on your pillow, Drake was up dropping new music. This new track produced by Boi-1da has somewhat of a mix tape feel to it. I'm not sure if the rapper is in fact beefing with anyone right now but just by listening to the lyrics it sounds like he could be. He rhymes… 

Sinatra lifestyle, I’m just being Frank with you
I mean, where you think she at when she ain’t with you
Wildin’, doin’ sh*t that’s way out of your budget
Owl sweaters inside her luggage, you gotta love it
Damn, this sh*t could go on a tape
B*tches lovin’ my drive, I never give it a break
Give these n*ggas the look, the verse, and even the hook
That’s why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake

Listen to the track below…

Lebron James and Savannah Brinson Save the Date Wedding Invitations Leaked  


Yayyy it’s a wedding !

Over the past few weeks it has been rumored that the well-known couple, Lebron James and Savannah Brinson, had called their wedding off. The two became engaged in December of 2011 which may seem like a long time to some but it really isn't when your planning such a big day. So what started the rumor ? 

People began speculating whether or not the couple were still together after Savannah wasn’t in attendance with the Miami Heat and the other wives/girlfriends for their White House visit. Lebron’s fiance also skipped out on this year’s All-Star Weekend in Houston and left Lebron sitting court side by himself. She quickly shut their rumors down when she told Gossip Extra…

Some people have nothing better to do than starting rumors.

It’s not because we’re not together 24/7 that we’re having problems.

We are definitely getting married, but I’m not telling you when or where!

To the unknown she was probably out preparing for her wedding that will be taking place this September. TMZ was able to get their hands on the wedding invites for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. James wedding. 

See the save the date invites below…

The festivities will take place during the weekend of September 13th -15th in sunny San Diego, California. This invite is just a save the date invitation the formal invites will come later.
The two of them have been together since high school and they have two beautiful sons together which are featured in the invitation photo above. Check out a picture of the couple at prom in high school below.

Kanye West Diss to Sway: Says he bought him his 1st T.V. 


Kanye does it yet again ! Mr. West is definitely going down in the history books for not giving a fu__ ever !

Yesterday the “Mercy” rapper called into The Angie Martinez show for a brief discussion with DJ Enuff about him ranking No. 7 in MTV’s Hottest MC’s in the Game tv show. Kanye remained calm as he talked about his artist Big Sean beating him coming in at No. 6 and about how he felt as though he should be ranked higher than 7. While at it he complimented Wayne saying, “I think Wayne is the number 1 rapper in the world.”

Sway (radio/tv personality) who is the leader at the Round Table for the Hottest MC contest is probably reconsidering the votes from last night after Kanye put him on blast via radio. Kayne claims that he gave Sway his 1st tv and he doesn’t want Sway to forget it. Right after Yeezy put that out there he quickly hung up the phone.

He tells DJ Enuff…

I mean I gave Sway his first TV, man. He came over my crib in Newark, New Jersey. I was living in Newark doing beats for Jay and Beans and all them and I was getting a new TV and I gave Sway his first tv… And really i didnt really wanna like even call to even talk about the number 7 list…I just wanted to tell everybody I gave sway his first tv…and he need to remember that.

Listen to the interview below. (more…)

Halle Berry Brings Red Carpet Sexy to the Premier of New Movie “The Call”


Smoking !

Last night Halle Berry hit the red carpet at Arc Light Cinemas in LA for the premier of her new movie titled The Call. The 46 year old actress didn’t look a day over 25 as she strutted down the carpet in a form fitting leather skirt with a sexy split in it, black low-cut top, gold chained belt to accent her waist and some to die for black strappy sandals. With her signature haircut, toned legs and beautiful smile she lit the red carpet up while taking pics with fellow cast mates such as Morris Chestnut, Abigail Breslin, David Otunga and more.

See more pics below…

Halle and Abigail
Halle and Cast Members
Halle and Morris Chestnut
In the movie "The Call" that hits theatres on March 15th, Morris Chestnut will be playing the role of Halle Berry's love interest. "She's the 911 operator and I am someone longing for her affection" Morris says in an interview.

Peep the trailer below…

DMX tells Iyanla Vanzant to Stop Running her Mouth and Shut the F*ck Up ! 


In case DMX thought he could roll up on Iyanla Fix My Life show and do whatever he wants like he did  on VH1's Couple Therapy last year he was wrong. Iyanla quickly put him in his place after he yelled vulgar and explicit language at her. After Iyanla told DMX that he didn't intimidate her the conversation totally went left. 

Iyanla- He don’t get to roll up in our park and play this game

DMX- Ayy man shut the f*ck up man

Iyanla- I’m not intimidated by you

DMX- You don’t got to be intimidated man stop running your mouth

Watch what happens next below…
The show will air Saturday, April 13, 2013 on OWN television network. Will you be watching ?

[Knee-Slapping Wednesday] Thirst 48 Video by Dormtainment


In society today we rely heavily on social networks for entertainment. Instagram is one of the top social media outlets today that is heavily used. Due to the over excessive booty pictures and half naked women that are featured on the gram some of our men are over-liking pics or they'll leave comments under the pictures that they wouldn't dare say to a woman if they were face to face. There's a fine line between complimenting a woman under the picture and being thirsty. 

In this hilarious clip, a group of college students act out as a group of police officers trying to solve a "Thirsty" case in the form of the television show First 48. When a young man is found dead because of over-liking pics and leaving thirsty comments on instagram thirst 48 is called to solve the case within 48 hours.

Watch the hilarious clip below…

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