Wiz Khalifa Steps Out With Mystery Woman Meanwhile Amber Rose Is In Pain And Not Ready To Move On

Amber Rose exits from Bossa Nova with Nick Simmons and friends

Since Amber Rose has filed for divorce from her soon to be ex-hubby Wiz Khalifa, she’s been spotted out on a few occasions with a few male friends of hers but she isn’t quite ready to move on yet. Recently, word on the blogs was that Amber was dating her good friend Nick Simmons after photos surfaced of she and Nick hanging out. Nick shut critics down when he took to Twitter with the following statement:

NickApparently dancing in a club+helping some1 to their car = dating. People r funny

Amber: Lol It just comes with this life kiddo

Nick the part I can’t stand? These people down here making judgment calls about you, never having met you. Fu-k that noise.

Amber admitted to fans that she’s hurting and even though she’s single she isn’t quite ready to mingle yet.

The mornings are especially hard.

The pain…I wake up every morning feeling like my best friend died….. I never knew what a true heartache felt like until now.

Single but not quite mingling….. Yet.


Oh No! Matt Barnes And Gloria Govan Headed For Divorce?



We just learned that Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan has called it quits after only 2 years of marriage. According to a close source, the two have been separated for about six weeks now, and are still living in the same house but its only a matter of time before one of them moves out and files for a divorce.

Don’t hold your breath because it looks like Matt may have done so already. Just two days ago Matt posted a photo of his new furnished crib and captioned it.

Wanted to thank @livingspaces for their help with furnishing my new condo.. Just need to add a few things here & there, but I really appreciate it!!

Check out his new crib below. (more…)

Beauty And The Beach: Ashanti Shows Off Beach Body For 34th Birthday

photo 3 (16)Yassss!

Yesterday Ashanti decided to strip out of her clothes and catch some sun rays for her 34th birthday. The singer modeled her washboard abs on the beach in a sexy Keva J Swimwear two piece. She topped off the look with a pair of black Tom Ford sunnies and a frozen margarita. Under the pic she wrote:

A couple mo glasses & you gon get this a** as is 

Don’t hurt em’ boo.

Catch some more photos of Ashanti in her bikini below. (more…)

Drake Speaks Out On Dating Fine Ass Lira Galore

photo 1 (26) photo 2 (27)

Drizzy got the gram blowing up, on a Tuesday!

Last week, word on the curb was that Drake and model chick Lira Galore were dating after the two posted identical pictures of themselves at the same location in St. Martin. Two days ago, Drake set the record straight when he took to Instagram and shut down rumors of him romancing the curvaceous beauty in the islands with the following caption.

Out here directing a video for my brother who I’ve watched grow for YEARS @preignking. He’s always looked out for me and it’s an honor to be able to do the same. #MakingHardWorkLookEasy #RepsUp #OVO #NotHereOnSomeRomanticShit #ChampagneBubblaz

So apparently Lira is only out there for the video shoot. Meanwhile a really good friend of mine was recently in Texas for Drake’s concert and someone from his camp revealed that Rih and Drake are still seeing one another. But who knows chile. 

See more pics of Lira and Drake in St. Martin below. (more…)

Exclusive Interview: Erica Mena Talks Bow Wow Engagement, Love And Hip Hop And Split From Cyn Santana

photo 1 (4)

Come catch these T’s cha!

Earlier this year we told you guys that Erica Mena and Bow Wow had been dating after seeing them on vacation and flicking it up on the club scene together. Well cha, Erica agreed to sit down with us and give us the deets on her current relationship with Mr. 106 so we met up at Trime Nail Lounge in Atlanta for pedicures.

The reality star showed up naturally beautiful wearing no makeup, a sloppy bun, sneakers, sweats and a flannel. We sat down and got straight to business. She told us about her relationship with Cyn Santana and why they split, she had nothing but positive things to say about her ex-girlfriend. When asked about Rich Dollaz, Erica didn’t have much of anything to say. HA!

When it was time for Erica to reveal the engagement details she couldn’t say much. Probably because it may be shown on the next season of Love And Hip Hop NY. 

Having just wrapped up her Hispanic heritage month collaboration with Latina Magazine, Erica is now focusing on “HER” clothing line sold exclusively on iamericamena.com.

Catch our interview below. (more…)

Amber Rose Files Divorce From Wiz Khalifa: Did Nick Cannon Break Them Up?


Bruh! Who in the hell saw this coming. 

Amber Rose has filed divorce from her husband of 1 year Wiz Khalifa. The documents that TMZ has obtained shows that the two split on Monday due to irreconcilable differences. As of right now reports are stating that Amber is gunning for full custody of baby Bash and willing to let Wiz see Bash through legal visitations.

If you’re worried about how the finances are going to play out no need to. Sources state that there is a prenup in place that provides spousal support for Amber.

You might be wondering how did all this come about in the first place.


See more below.  (more…)

Robin Thicke Admits That His Addiction To Drugs And Alcohol Is What Caused Paula Patton To Leave Him

Robin-Thicke-feat.T.I.-and-Pharrell--Blurred-Lines robin-thicke-blurred-lines_11

Here’s where the story takes a twist…

Months ago we were devastated when we received word that long-time couple Paula Patton and Robin Thicke were headed towards divorce. The separation came after Robin was spotted on two different occasions with two different women. The incidents raised the eyebrows of many and soon after Paula left her husband of 8 years. But according to Robin the cheating isn’t what drove Paula away.

Just seven months later Robin is in court facing a lawsuit for what was named last year’s “Song Of The Summer” Blurred Lines. The popular record caused conflict when Marvin Gaye’s family filed a lawsuit and accused Robin, T.I. and Pharrell of making an unauthorized version of their father’s 1977 classic Got To Give It Up. Last year during an interview with GQ Magazine Robin revealed that the song was inspired by Marvin’s song:

Pharrell and I were in the studio and I told him that one of my favorite songs of all time was Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got to Give It Up.’ I was like, ‘Damn, we should make something like that, something with that groove.’ Then he started playing a little something and we literally wrote the song in about a half hour and recorded it.

But now Robin is saying that isn’t true. He explains that last year he was getting high and drunk everyday even before and during every interview, which is the real reason why Paula left him.

With all due respect, I was high and drunk every time I did an interview last year. Every day, I woke up, I would take a Vicodin to start the day and then I would fill up a water bottle with vodka and drink it before and during my interviews.

He continued… (more…)

August Alsina Cheats On Nicki Minaj In New “No Love” Remix Video

photo 1 (25)photo 3 (14)photo 4 (4)photo 2 (25)

Those smart phones will have you looking like a dummy every time!

August Alsina had to learn that the hard way in the remix of his No Love video ft. Nicki Minaj. The singer’s selfie game wasn’t too strong when he aimed to snap a pic of himself and his main girl, Nicki, and a call was coming through from his side chick Ariana. August grabbed his things and headed out for a night of fun with Ariana and left his girl at home attempting to get in contact with him throughout the night.

Find out what happens next when you watch the official video below. (more…)

Watch! An Unconscious August Alsina Falls Off Stage During Performance

photo (9)


This evening while performing at Irving Plaza in downtown Manhattan, singer August Alsina took a scary tumble off stage and into the crowd. In the video, we could see August beginning to fade away just seconds before he took the fall. August was quickly whisked away by security and carried backstage. 

Witnesses tell TMZ … he appeared to be out cold when security guards ran to him in the crowd

An unconscious August was spotted receiving medical treatment from the paramedics that arrived on the scene but his condition is still unknown.

Watch August faint around the 1:40 mark in the video below. (more…)

Big Sean Takes Shots At Naya Rivera In New Song “I Don’t Fu-k With You”


Nasty break-ups are the worst!

This song took me back to the days when Kanye broke up with Amber Rose and rapped about how much he hated her on damn near every song afterwards.

Just months ago Big Sean broke off his engagement with Glee actress, Naya Rivera, because of her jealous and possessive ways. Naya ran off and got married while Sean went and snagged himself up a new boo as well. In his latest single I Don’t Fu-k With You Sean raps about how he doesn’t fu-k with his ex anymore.

I got a new chick that I thank God for

I got a new whip that I gotta thank a lot for

I swear I hear some new bullsh-t everyday I’m wakin up

It seems like nowadays everybody breakin’ up

That sh-t can break you down if you lose a good girl (more…)

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