Oops! Ariana Grande And Big Sean Caught Holding Hands Backstage At VMA’s

Beyonce’s performance wasn’t the only wow factor during the VMA’s last night. Rumored couple Big Sean and Ariana Grande were caught holding hands backstage by the MTV cameras that were rolling for viewers to see what celebrities were doing off the stage.

Right before a commercial break we caught a glimpse of the pair showing their first signs of pda on camera. In the video, it appears that Sean was helping Ariana up off the ground after she took a slight fall. But after she recovered the two continued to hold hands while making their way down the hallway and it didn’t look like it was their first time.

Both Sean and Ariana are both coming out of long-term relationships. Sean, who broke off the engagement with Naya Rivera for her jealous ways seems to be happy with his new boo. Naya, who has no complaints in the love department either, ran off 3 months after the break up and married her good “friend” Ryan Dorsey.

Did Sean and Naya break up because Naya was jealous of Sean and Ariana’s “work” relationship? Or was Naya really in love with her “friend” Ryan?

See Sean and Ariana holding hands below.

After being caught at the movies kissing just last month and holding hands last night, it’s kind of hard to deny the romance rumors at this point.

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