Nicki Minaj Suffers A Nip Slip After Refusing Bra Offer From Ellen DeGeneres

While out promoting her latest fragrance Minajesty, Nicki Minaj stopped by the Ellen Show for a quick chat. For her appearance Nicki Minaj wore an outfit that left host Ellen puzzled and got A LOT of buzz from Nicki’s Barbz.

Nicki’s ensemble for the DAYTIME talk show included high wasted pants, a gold belt and a cropped black jacket. So what’s so shocking about that? Well, for one Nicki chose to go shirtless and bra less underneath and left just one button closed revealing her breasts!

Almost immediately after walking out onto set Ellen looked puzzled and a bit shocked for which Nicki quickly shuts her down telling her, “Don’t start!”

Trying to make light of the revealing outfit, Ellen jokingly offers Nicki a bra for which Nicki quickly shuts that down also when she says she hates wearing bras!

Nicki’s appearance on the show went without a nip slip thankfully, although she wasn’t quite so lucky afterward. Cameras got a shot of Minaj walking through the back lot of the television studio and while in motion, Minaj managed to flash photogs as well. Nicki later posted the below picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Smile bit-h.”


Looks like Nicki is not afraid to flaunt it. What do y’all think of her outfit, was it too much?



Photo Credit-Instagram/ E-Online

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  1. I think she was just being herself. The outfit could have been toned down for the occasion. It would have been more appropriate for a photoshoot or what not. But then again its Nicki Minaj she does her to the fullest. Obviously!

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