New Video: K. Michelle ‘V.S.O.P.’

New Video: K. Michelle ‘V.S.O.P.’

V.S.O.P-VIDEO-K.Michelle-ihatemypublicist.comDon’t hurt em K!

The wait is finally over and K. Michelle is serving up sexiness on another level in her new video V.S.O.P. The red head beauty has a not so perfect “hood love” relationship with her video love interest.

While the two argue back and forth outside on the stoop and make a scene in front of nosey little kids, the singer’s boo drives off and leaves K right where she’s standing. After a night of popping bottles and being all up in the next woman’s face, K. Michelle’s boo comes walking in the house in the middle of the night and although she’s upset she knows he’s the only one that can make the rest of her life very special.

K. Michelle is working her black v-cut dress and while singing with her dancers she gives the camera an eye full of what she’s twerking with.

Mobile viewers click here if video isn’t working.

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  1. Britt Im soooooo proud of you you give fellow Mass Commers HOPE keep doing what you doing….who knows one day i could come work for you!!!!


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