New Video: Joseline Hernandez “Mi Colta”

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It’s the Puerto Rican Princess!!!

What once was a Puerto Rican girl walking the streets of Puerto Rico barefoot, is now a Puerto Rican woman with a bad girl attitude walking those same streets in a pair of Timberland boots in her new video Mi Corta.

Joseline Hernandez show cases her bad girl attitude and sexy persona while walking through the streets of Puerto Rico in a bandanna, Timberland boots and booty shorts. Fly Dantoni makes an appearance to spit his verse while Stevie J. parades and dances around the entire video. The whole song is in Spanish

so we have no idea of what Joseline is taking about. Spanish speaking friends feel free to let us know.

The thing that stood out most was the close up of the tattoo Joseline has stamped on her arm of Stevie J’s name. Celebrities get each others name tattoo’d on them all the time so that isn’t a big deal. It’s the fact that she really inked his name on her the way she pronounces it, Steebie instead of Stevie. That is just too funny. Ha!

Watch it below or here.

Joseline’s new video Shotz will debut tonight on Love ad Hip Hop Atlanta. Are you feeling this?

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