New Music: Trey Songz ‘Sensational’

It feels like its been so long since we last heard from Mr.Virbrato himself.  No worries though, Trey just released a new single “Sensational” to Trey’s Angel Network that we’re sure you will love.

Trey briefly deterred from his love making music and serenades the track in falsetto softly explaining why his girl is sensational.

I love your love
I need now to be honest, Can I be honest baby?
I’ve had my share of girls, I’ve had a few
but they don’t compare to you
Your kiss, your lips taste sweet as honey, darling
I just lose myself in sight of you
touch me, hold me, need me, keep me, swear you’ll never leave me
And you’ll always be my..
Sensational, sensational girl

 This will definitely be a summertime hit for the grown and sexy! Check out the song below.
Also look out for Trey Songz’ upcoming theater roles in Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as Baggage Claim.
Photo Credit: Instagram

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