New Music: Ke Ke Wyatt “Fall In Love”

New Music: Ke Ke Wyatt “Fall In Love”


R&B singer Ke Ke Wyatt ditches her short cut for blonde extensions on the cover art for her new single Fall In Love. Ke Ke may not be the most likeable person on R&B Divas Atlanta but she is arguable one of the best singers in the industry.

In her new baby making single, Ke Ke wants her man to swoon her with affection in the bedroom and when he’s done she promises that her antidote will have him head over heels in love. She sings:

Baby put your hands on me 
Cuz I wanna feel good 
Is the way that you grab my waist and the place that you should
Boy you know my body is calling your name 
Every night do something thou your touch is not the same
You can be excited and surprise every day 
I can wait for you to put your hands on me …

And when we finish making good love baby 
Then you fall in love with me

Listen below.

Are we feeling this?

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