New Music: August Alsina Ft. Nicki Minaj “No Love”

August Alsina isn’t looking for love in his latest single ft. Nicki Minaj No Love. Instead this pretty boy insists on letting shorty know that their relationship will be nothing more than play fighting in the bedroom. He sings lyrics like:

Shorty if you looking for somebody tryna settle down

Probably won’t be around, nah baby

You should hit when you tired of playing up in the house and ain’t nobody around

You need that

When you need that late night

We can both make love to the daylight

But Nicki done hopped on the track with every intention of turning this d-boy into her man. She raps:

You can’t front like this ain’t way realer

I know you hard, I know that you a killa

I know you started off as a dope dealer, but let ya guards down 

Ya ni–as know that you feel her

Take a listen below.

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