New Couple Alert: Mase Surprises Malaysia Pargo With Brand New Car?

New Couple Alert: Mase Surprises Malaysia Pargo With Brand New Car?


Chile Malaysia Pargo was serving all types of Marilyn Monroe tease in her brand new drop top Corvette. Allegedly the car was purchased by the eye candy sitting in her passenger seat, rapper/pastor Mase. Yes chile!

Over the weekend these two were said to have been seen spending time together at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Springs. Which comes as no surprise to us granted the way she subliminally expressed interest in Mase via Instagram just a week after filing for divorce. She wrote:

I’m not dating anyone but GOD…but Mase you cute tho

Weeks later ole Pastor Mase is riding shotty in Malaysia’s ride. A source reveals to Necole Bitchie: 

I was in Palm Springs at Ritz Carlton with my girlfriends celebrating my birthday. All of a sudden we hear a girl screaming in lobby as we were exiting to go to the spa. We look out and see a brand new white convertible corvette with a bow. I was like, “That’s Malaysia form Basketball Wives!!!!” My girlfriend noticed that the guy she was with was MASE!!!! He apparently surprised her with a BRAND NEW CAR!!!  This is absolutely ridiculous! She did not seem like they just met and I can only imagine the real reason why she is getting a divorce. SMH

Later Mase had this to say:

That story about me dating her is inaccurate. However, I am flattered that you all still know that I’m that smooth and good looking enough to acquire such a lady.

If you ask me this story looks like it could’ve been leaked on purpose by either Malaysia or Mase. Who walked up on the car and took these photos? But, chile that’s none of our business. Ha!

Mase-and-Malaysia-Pargo-dating Mase-buys-Malaysia-a-car

Shout out to NecoleBitchie for this tea!

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