[Monday Morning Motivation] Antonia L. Griffin-Talks Struggle before Success


Good Morning Super Stars !!! 

We may at times of weakness feel that there is  a need to fulfill our souls with food, sex, or even drugs. God is the true fulfillment of our souls, establishing discipline and value are the most fulfilling habits of all. Antonina L. Griffin’s story can relate to that the best .

Antonina is an African-American mother, wife, entrepreneur and woman of God. She and her husband owns a business called “A Greater Divine Place” . She alone owns her own business in VA,  2 non-profit organizations one that targets social change through the lives of young women titled “S.C.A.R” and another that focuses on anti-bullying called “I got your B.A.C.” Before Griffin reached her success she had to struggle through losing both parents, being raped, abused, being a single mother and a drug dealer. In the end she talks finding her faith in God.

 Watch her heartfelt story below.



She is a walking testimony for all of us young women out here trying to become successful.  When life throws you lemons don’t just make lemonade build a lemonade stand meaning make the best out of whatever your situation is. Never give up and keep your faith in God always!! God Bless you all !!
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