Knee-Slapping Wednesday: Exclusive Interview With Comedian Will “Spank” Horton

Just like his friend Kevin Hart, comedian Will “Spank” Horton is seriously funny.

It was pure comedy hanging out with Spank during the Fashionably Loud Fashion Show Saturday night in Philadelphia. Whenever the comedian wasn’t giving me one word answers or walking away from the camera we were talking about his experience on tour with Kevin Hart, how he began his career, up-coming projects and more.
Spank told me:

On how it was being on tour with Kevin Hart:
Spank: It was ight.
Me: It was ight? That’s it that’s all you gone give me?
Spank: Nah I’m just messing with you. Nah it was good. It’s always good to roll with a friend and for the friend to blow up and be a super star it was good. Like we was doing arenas, I ain’t never imagined me performing in an arena before.

On how long they’ve known each other:
Uhhh since like 19-20. Before comedy. He’s from Erie ave I’m from Knightstown it’s like a bridge in between the two…

Find out what happens next when Spank finds out his wife is waiting outside for him in the video below. 

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