Keyshia Cole Talks Beyonce Beef, Boobie Cheating, Family Issues, Music And More On The Breakfast Club

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While most celebs try their best to keep their personal life under wraps, Keyshia Cole definitely isn’t one of them. Since the start of her career Keyshia has always had a story to tell whether it be through her music or through a reality television show. These days the singer is indirectly saying what she has to say via social networks.  Whether it be “throwing shade” at Beyonce and Michelle or spilling out her emotions over her husband Boobie who she’s currently not seeing at the moment.

Earlier today, Keyshia stopped by The Breakfast Club. Angela Yee, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy dove right in and were able to get to the bottom of the craziness surrounding Keyshia’s personal life.

See what she had to say about Beyonce, Boobie and where she stands with her mother Frankie below.

On Beyonce Bow Down record:

I was not hating on Beyonce. I love Beyonce. The thing is I’ve met Beyonce a few times and she’s always a very sweet person. To me it just wasn’t her thing. But I don’t know like dude said she switched it up or something so I don”t know. But that’ just now what I know of her.

On possible divorce, strippers and issues with Daniel: 

I just want to put out my music and sit in my own craziness. I don’t even know what I want to do right now. I don’t want to talk about it.

Sidebar: She says she will address these issues on the new album which means this will be a great album. Ya’ll know how Keyshia get when she in her feelings. She slays!

On her current relationship with Daniel “Boobie”:

We co-parent. He’s a great father. At 8:30am he comes to take DJ to school every morning. I pick him up and we good.

On thinking Boobie would never cheat on her:

I really did. I believed in that. And then on top of that, we just had so much of a great relationship. I felt like it wouldn’t be possible.

On whether or not she believes that they can work it out:

I’d just like to avoid questions like that for my son’s sake. We’ll know it as the time goes by. No matter how much I dislike this man, it will never be to the point where he can’t see his son. Period.

On her relationship with Frankie and Neffe and whether she allows them to be around her son:

Mmm. Mmm. It’s just chaos. And I don’t want that around him. She says she has not spoken to Frankie and she doesn’t have her number. 

When asked if she was happy she replied, “I don’t know.” Angela Yee’s response to that was, “I don’t think so.”

Watch the interview below.

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