Kendrick Lamar Disses Meek Mill On Stage: “I Have No Time For Irrelevant Ni–as”

kendrick-lamar-diss-meek-millNow this is the mutha friggin tea!

Last night, Kendrick Lamar took the Williamsburg Park stage in Brooklyn, New York. While there Kendrick Lamar responded to Meek’s Ooh Kill Em track that was geared as a diss towards the Compton MC.

Kendrick rightfully claimed the throne as King again and let Meek know that he’s irrelevant and he has no time for him. According to a series of AllHipHop tweets Kendrick stated:

I been doing this sh-t for years… I mastered this sh-t. I have no time for irrelevant ni–as or new ni–as. There’s one ni–a in particular that needs to realize there’s (levels) to this sh-t. I’m MOTHERFU–IN KING KENDRICK.

Levels? Irrelevant? You know Meek wasn’t letting that slide. Meek didn’t waste any time responding, the Philly rapper tweeted:

King of what?

Somebody please tell me

Let Me RT @MeekMill: King of what? @kendricklamar

This comes just a few days after Meek released the Kendrick diss track which in the lyrics he states:

Man you claiming you the King of New York, what the fu-k wrong with you ni–a step back 

Hundred shots aim straight at ya snap cap, Everybody want the crown so I snatch that

This is what true hip hop fans have been waiting for right? Fellas grab those mics and keep it cute!

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