Kelly Rowland Stuck At Sea While Whale Watching And Rescued By Coast Guards

Kelly-Rowland-rescued-at-sea-ihatemypublicistJust when you thought whale watching at sea was a great idea.

Kelly Rowland and friends sailed out to sea for a day of whale watching until things quickly turned ugly.

Off the shores of Provincetown, Massachusetts, where Kelly was at, the waves were 5 to 6 inches high and soon disoriented the group’s boat. Not only were the waves high but it was foggy outside which makes it worse. The coast guard had too be called out to sea to rescue the singer and her entourage.

An employee tells E News:

Her friends and the crew arrived on land at around 10 p.m., after being at sea for 12 hours. The entire group was said to be “tired and thankful.” They just wanted to get off the boat.

Wow! Glad she’s safe!

Catch Kelly’s new Dirty Laundry video here!

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  1. Leave it to Mony to be the diplomatic one.

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