Kanye Kicks Woman Out Of Concert For Heckling: “Don’t Fu-king Heckle Me”


Kanye has blessed us with yet another rant. Ha!

Kanye doesn’t play with his mask chile and one fan in particular had to learn that the hard way.

According to sources, a woman nearby the stage thought it was cool to tell the rapper to take off his Mason Martin Margiela blinged out mask that he wears during each and every concery. Apparently the woman yelled out to Kanye repeatedly before he motioned his security to get her a– up out of there in front of the entire San Antonio audience.

After kicking her out he yelled into the microphone:

Do I look like a motherfu-king comedian? Don’t fu-king heckle me. I’m Kanye motherfu-king West!

Sheesh, how embarrassing!

Watch it below.

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