K. Michelle Shows ‘Her Ass’ In New Trailer For Reality Show “My Life”

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K. Michelle and her booty is doing what they want to in her new VH1 television series titled My Life. Looks like K. Michelle is opening up more to her fans on her new show by allowing them to see her as a mother. In the trailer her son hilariously mocks the way she talks while spending time together. He had the head movement down pact. HA!

Now that the singer has left Atlanta, K. is in New York and she’s definitely working. In one scene she goes completely nude for a photo shoot and runs around the studio naked. And when she isn’t working or being funny she’s bringing the drama. K gets some chick together and tells her to ‘get her a– up outta her house’ in her best Memphis accent.

This should be entertaining.

Get into the trailer below.

The show is set to air on November 3rd at 9 pm. Will you be watching?

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