Jordin Sparks Disses Ex-Boyfriend Jason Derulo In New Song “How Bout Now”

Remember when you broke ya’ neck and I had to wash ya’ back for ya’, Probably don’t remember half the sh-t I did for ya’

After a devastating break up, Jordin Sparks is on her Taylor Swift ish. The singer recently jumped in the studio and lent her vocals to Drake’s new How Bout’ Now track.

In the lyrics Jordin reminisces on how she took care of Jason when his neck was broke, how she deleted every guys number out of her phone for him and she even brought up Jason’s Breakfast Club Interview. During that interview Jason bad mouthed Jordin saying she only wanted him for his fame -__- and even said he wanted the BMW that he had just bought her back.

Listen to Jordin’s response to that below.

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