Jazmine Sullivan Puts Creative Twist On New Video “Dumb” Ft. Meek Mill

jazmine-sullivan-meek-mill-dumb-music-video dumb-video

This is explains why Jaz is busting windows out of cars.

Jazmine Sullivan is no rookie when it comes to getting down to the bottom of things, the minute her man is involved.

In her latest visual inspired by the television show, Cheaters, Jazmine allows the cameras to follow her man around before she catches him red handed laid up in a cheesy motel room with another woman. Meanwhile she put a slight twist on things by bringing in a muppet to pose as the side piece to emphasize on how dumb his cheating a– really is. Hilarious!

Meek Mill assists with his lyrics during a slight cameo towards the end of the video.

Watch it below.


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