J. Cole Shares Rise To Fame Story About Landord Muhammad Letting Him Stay In His Apartment Rent Free

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J. Cole felt like the underdog after leaving his home in North Carolina to attend St. John’s University in Queens, New York. Just like most college students, when J. Cole couldn’t afford to pay rent he and his buddies were kicked out of their first apartment. Soon after Cole found a little spot for he and his friends to stay and no one wanted to stay there being as though the apartment wasn’t too appealing. Forced with nowhere else to go Cole took the worst room in the house, so everyone else agreed to stay. Cole stated that this was where his dreams started to feel real.

This time when Cole fell behind on rent, his landlord Muhammad didn’t trip because he believed in Cole. Although Cole had fallen thousands behind in rent he paid Mohammad back every single dime plus more when he got his deal.

Watch as Cole gives you an inside look of his college apartment and tells his story in the video below.

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