Is Dame Dash Calling Jay-Z A Snitch? “There Has To Be Some Truth To It”

Is Dame Dash Calling Jay-Z A Snitch? “There Has To Be Some Truth To It”

jay-z-dame-dashAfter nearly a decade Dame Dash and Jay-Z shook hands and re-united back in 2013 during a mutual friend’s birthday celebration. Since then the two were spotted backstage during a Hov concert flicking it up with Dame’s daughter. We assumed that their bromance was still in tact but aparently it isn’t.

Dame stopped by Sway In The Morning and below is what he had to say about his former business partner:

I don’t have a beef with [Jay Z], I never did. We just approach business different.

At this very moment, based of what I read in the paper. This is the one time that the paper did scare me, where I was like, ‘There has to be some truth to it.’ It’s when I read about his affiliation with informants. He’s in business with certain people. It’s tricky for me to say, but based on where I’m from, I can’t have nothing to do with that.

It’s paper work, so it’s not to believe. There’s paper work. That part of it scares me because I know Kareem ‘Biggs’ [Burke] (Roc-A-Fella founder) is in jail. I know Irv Gotti has been harassed for years for sh*t he didn’t do. They’ve been f*cking with me for years. So, it just means I need to stay over here.

I love Jay, but let’s just say, I find out any of that sh*t [is true], I can’t f-ck with him at all. It’s real serious for me. My man’s in jail, for three years, over weed. The feds is really on me. Where I’m from, that sh*t is not tolerated at all.

Why are the Feds on me?

I don’t know why. I’m not making no accusations, but based on where we from, that doesn’t fly.

It’s likely Dame is referring to a past New York Daily News report that said Jay is in business with a woman named Desiree Perez, who is the wife of the mogul’s longtime associate Juan Perez. She’s said to have “major behind-the-scenes influence” at Roc Nation, though she is not officially an employee, officer or agent at the company.


Catch the full interview below.<!


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