Magic Johnson Revisits The Day He Told His Wife He Had Been Diagnosed With HIV


In honor of World Aids Day Magic Johnson sat down with Oprah and shared the heartfelt story of what it was like the day he received the phone call from his L.A. doctor back in 1991.

Magic was at the top of his game. He had everything money, fame and plenty of women throwing themselves at him. It never occurred to Magic that he needed to have protected sex with these women up until the day he realized he had to drive home to his wife Cookie who was pregnant at the time and tell her that he had been diagnosed with HIV.

Magic says he was sitting in a hotel in Utah, getting ready for an exhibition game when he got the call. The doctor told him to immediately fly back to Los Angeles, but wouldn’t tell him why.

I walk in the office and he started talking about the test. And what came out of the physical was, ‘You have HIV.’

During the ride home, Magic says he thought about how he would break the devastating news to Cookie.

The worst thing about it is I knew I was going to hurt her. Because she had waited for me, been patient with me, supported me …and now I’m about to break her heart.

Watch him relive the story below.


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