How Wendy Williams Really Feels About Being Called A Transgender Woman!


The worst compliment you could probably pay a woman is telling her she looks like a man. Of course saying a woman looks pregnant when she isn’t is definitely a big no no but to say a woman resembles a man is a bit much.

Well, Wendy Williams has been dealing with this type of bullying for years and it’s very unfortunate but it doesn’t seem to bother Wendy anymore. In a recent interview, Wendy was asked about the issue and below is how she responded:

People do think I was born a man. That is absolutely not true! I get it. I’ve got a strong face, a strong body. I’m 5’11. I wear wigs. There’s no worse way to insult a woman than by saying she looks like a man. But once a woman gets over that, there is no stronger woman!

Thats right muva!

Watch the full interview below.

Photo Cred- LoveBScott

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