[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Sevyn Streeter Talks: New Album+Chris Brown+Rihanna+Dating Life and More!

You more than likely recognize the singer from the female group Rich Girls or from her new catchy single “I like it”. Sevyn Streeter is one of the most talked about singers in the game right now. The Florida native has written songs for artists such as Alicia Keys, Chris Brown and Brandy. With Chris Brown and his label, CBE, pushing her music I’m certain we can expect great things in the future. 

After performing her new single at Recess in Philadelphia, which is a break up to make-up anthem, I had the chance to sit down with I like it singer and get to know more about the woman behind the music. We touched basis on how she became Chris Brown’s artist, whether she has ever met Rihanna, if she is dating at the current moment, her album and way more. 
On how she got started

I got started I was in a group called Rich Girls my management was Tina Davis who also manages Chris Brown and ended up meeting Chris one day and asking if I can write with him. Literally from that day forward and that was like 3 1/2 years ago, we’ve been writing together ever since. Rich Girls ended shortly after that and I became Chris’s artist and the rest is kind of history. I’m signed to CBE/ Atlantic Records.

On Co-Writing with Chris Brown
I wrote yeah 3x, strip with him it was like six or seven songs on F.A.M.E . Next to you the one with Justin Beiber , I know it’s more but it’s been a blessing and I could not be happier.

On the inspiration behind her song I Like It
Real life relationship (laughs). Like I swear if you only knew how many girls hit me up on twitter and they’re like oh my gosh thank you for this song it describes my relationship. A girl told me in Huntsville, Alabama, she stopped me in the lobby and was like oh my god you see him (points) that’s talking bout us that’s our song. And I was like see that’s what I’m talking about. Clearly it was a healthy relationship they love each other but you have ups and downs and you know you’re not perfect.

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On whether there are collaborations on her up-coming album
The way I like to do it is just to cut a gang of records and then go back over them afterwards and say okay this person would be cool on this one. This one has this vibe so what about her on this so we don’t have any collabs as of yet because we are still recording. But it’s coming along really well we’re like right in the middle of it. 

On whether she is dating or not
No. I’m so single it’s not even funny. I wish I was dating somebody but no I’m not.

On if she has ever met Rihanna
You know what I have and she’s actually really really sweet.

On what advice she would give to females trying to pursue a career in entertainment
You know what I feel like I say this all the time but I say it because it really was the blueprint for my life. Just always stay prepared and take advantage of opportunities. Be prepared because you never know who you may meet and take advantage of the opportunity when you meet them. So don’t meet somebody and be like that’s Russel Simmons aww, that’s Puffy awww, that’s such and such and you go up to them and you have nothing to show them. You might as well get an autograph and be out the way. So be prepared when you meet them. If you’re a singer keep your demo on you at all times. If you don’t have one find a way to get one. If it’s a money thing save up your money check to check at a time and make sure you get it. Be prepared you know what I mean so when opportunities present themselves your ready. 

Watch full performance and interview below.
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