Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather Brings Liz Hernandez To French Montana’s Birthday Party And Leaves With Mystery Woman

Floyd-Mayweather-New-Girlfriend-French-Montana-30th-Birthday-LA-Ihatemypublicist-2 Floyd-Mayweather-New-Girlfriend-French-Montana-30th-Birthday-LA-Ihatemypublicist

And just because you come to the party with one chick doesn’t mean you can’t leave with another…

Last night after Floyd Mayweather enjoyed the Lakers game with his rumored new chick Liz Hernandez aka “Miss Panama” the two of them hit Supperclub together for French Montana’s 30th birthday extravaganza. But one chick just might not be enough for the champ because after the party was over Floyd was spotted leaving with a different female.

Our sources revealed that Floyd gave his mystery woman a wad of cash before the two pulled off together with her bestie in the backseat. Cha ching!

As of lately Floyd has been digging the blondes but clearly ole girl in the passenger seat had darker hair.

I guess the big question at this point is where is Bad Medina and did they break up? The “couple” was recently spotted together at an All Def Comedy Live show in LA.

Messy boots.

Check out a photo of Floyd and Liz from last night at French’s party below.


See another photo here.



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