Eve and Chelsea Handler Talks Interracial Relationships


Black people be late!

Eve is still on the go while promoting her latest album Lip Lock, which is the first album Eve has released in ten years. The other night she stopped by the Chelsea Lately show to chop it up about the album, having babies and interracial relationships. Eve has been in a relationship with her British, billionaire, boyfriend for three years now and although she is happy she said she never thought she would be with a white guy.

While Chelsea does the interviewing, she quickly interrupts Eve and throws a jab at her past relationship which was with a black rapper.

Chelsea: You’re living in London, with a british boyfriend, who’s white.

Eve: (laughs) Is he?

Chelsea: So you guys have been together for how long?

Eve: 3 years.

Chelsea: How long have you been into white guys?

Eve: You know what? I’ve never been the type of person to discriminate. But I honestly have to say I never thought I would be with a white guy. Ever! I know that sounds horrible.

Chelsea interrupts Eve while making a reference to her past relationship with 50 cent and says:

I know the feeling

Ha! Watch it below.


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