Dwayne Wade’s Ex-Wife Claims Dwayne Barely Lets Her See Their Kids


Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife is speaking out on how she is being treated in the court of law and by her ex-hubby.

Siovaughn has been fighting to win her children back ever since she lost a custody battle to Dwayne a while back. Photos of Siovaughn siting outside of the Daley Center in Chicago looking homeless surfaced on the internet which stirred up a lot of buzz and confusion. Siovaughn isn’t homeless what she was doing was protesting for her rights as a mother. She claims that whenever it is time for her to see the children Dwayne schedules other things for them to do and when in court the judge takes Dwayne’s side. She also revealed that her lawyer snaked her by dropping the milion dollar lawsuit that she had filed against Dwayne.

Sounds like a mother who just wants to see her children but because her ex has more power, money and fame than she has the odds are against her. Watch the video below.

I am not a mother but I can imagine how she feels. How do you feel about this situation ?

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  1. LMAO!! I can imagine the new team logo..big stupid looking birds trying to look fearsome bouncing a basketball..”and now..ur NEW ORLEANS..PELICANS!”…ROTFLOL!!!!

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