Drake Gives Rumored Boo Zoe Kravitz Private Jet And V.I.P. Treatment

photo (23)

Looks like Zoe has her hands full with two Champagne Papi’s. As if one isn’t enough. Ha!

Last night, Drake posted this hilarious photo shopped picture of himself with rumored new boo Zoe Kravitz on his Instagram. The caption read, “This fu-king guy…”.

Last month we posted a photo of the two hanging out on Drake’s tour bus in Venice Beach where they had dinner as well. Didn’t really think too much of it because Rihanna and her doobie kept popping up at just about all of his shows.

Well last night, Zoe was the woman of the hour once again. Zoe was spotted flicking it up with Rihanna’s frenemie, Christina Milian, in V.I.P . at Drake’s show in Philly and he even flew her out on a private jet. Chile yes!

Peep the flicks below.


Christina Milian let it be known that she had a great time with Zoe. On Instagram she wrote:

Bout that life..!! Lol good times w #ZoeK at#wouldyoulikeatour last show! #platinumehookahs#strawberrychampagne #ladiesloveit #nonicotine#alllove she’s cool as shhh***

photo (24)

She’s cute for Drizzy!

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