Don’t Come For Me! Evelyn Lozada Goes Awf On Wendy Williams For Calling Her Son A Cash Register

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Don’t come for me unless I send for you honey! Bloop!

Chileee it’s a big thing! Wendy Williams is notorious for saying what she wants to say and getting away with it, and we love her for that, but not today girl. During a recent episode of Wendy’s Hot Topics the tv host went all the way in on Evelyn Lozada. She congratulated Ev on the birth of her newborn son whom she referred to as a “cash register” and once Ev got wind of it she wasn’t having it AT ALL!

Evelyn gave birth to a cash register…I mean… a baby boy with her fiancé, the $142 million Carl Crawford. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said.

She added:

Here’s what I’m thinking, Ev. You should become involved in a lot of charity work. And also talk to your man about opening you up another Dulce…except Dulce Beverly Hills, not Dulce Miami.

Yesterday Evelyn Lozada hopped on Twitter and read Wendy her rights chile.

You know @WendyWilliams, I never bother anyone. I even bought you a beautiful bouquet of flowers congratulating your broadway debut…

Since u want me 2 open Dulce n LA. Maybe ur man can come 2 that store & purchase shoes 4 another woman like he did @ my Miami store. Bloop!

Oh…BTW…he purchased the Casadei suede over the knee boots triple platform just in case you wanted to know. #DontComeForMe #INeverBotherU

#NowPutThatOnHotTopics ✌️


Watch Wendy go in on Evelyn below (5:52 mark).


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