Does Ciara Give Future A Pass To Cheat On Her?

Ciara and her boyfriend Future were hugged up at Reign nightclub in Atlanta over the weekend. The two hopped on a flight after the release of Ciara’s self-titled album Ciara and were photographed on a private island for a romantic vacation, and have just returned.

While promoting her new album the singer stopped by Hot 97 to interview with the morning show. While there the question of whether or not Ciara would allow Future to cheat on her with another woman or not came up. Although Ci Ci is head over heels for Future and would probably do anything in the world for her rapper boyfriend, sharing is definitely not an option. Ciara made it clear that she didn’t want to even put those negative thoughts out into the universe and admits to leaving ex-boyfriends that have cheated on her in the past.

First, we’re not even going to put that out in the universe.[…]At this point in my life, I don’t know what I’m going to say or do. [Have you left before for someone cheating?] Yes. Every time. Not instantly, because sometimes you don’t have full clarity and sometimes a person can lie so good that the lie sounds kind of true so you don’t really grasp what the reality is. When you get to the place within yourself like, I’m not dumb, then you have the strength to be like, I’m okay. Then you have the strength to say, ‘I’m out.’ Love can make you be blind.


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