Dawn Richard Confirms: D. Woods Was Invited To Danity Kane Reunion But Didn’t Show Up

I have to sit down for this one, this is some serious talk.
While we are still awaiting confirmation of a Danity Kane reunion we might want to pump our brakes a bit. Dawn Richard tells us that when the girls met up a few weeks back it was only for lunch and while we were all wondering where the heck D. Woods was at, Dawn says that she was invited but didn’t come.


The story is interesting because D. Woods tells us that she found out about the Danity Kane reunion via twitter.


Dawn expressed that she doesn’t want people to focus on the negativity what she is focusing on most is the fact that Danity Kane hasn’t been seen together in over 5 years and the amount of support that they received from their fans just from being photographed together she says, “Speaks volumes.” Watch the interview below.


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