Danity Kane Splits Again: Dawn, Aubrey And Shannon Release Statements

Danity Kane Splits Again: Dawn, Aubrey And Shannon Release Statements


Another girl group bites the dust!

Last week we told you that a nasty fight broke out during a Danity Kane studio session resulting in Dawn Richard punching Aubrey O’ Day. It was unclear at that moment as to what caused the dispute but over the weekend more details began to surface.

According to sources, Aubrey and Shannon were meeting up and recording tracks behind Dawn’s back. Fed up with the shadiness, Dawn popped up on Aubrey and Shannon’s private recording session, the day of the fight, and it all went downhill from there.

Since then, things have taken a very ugly turn, resulting in the split of Danity Kane. On Friday, Aubrey and Shannon put out a statement on why the girls have decided to go their separate ways.

Anyone that knows us even slightly could see we usually have opposing views and stark contrasts in dealing with our feelings. But, over the course of this last year undeniable commonalities in our values and principles were revealed.

We spent the first half of the year struggling to convince ourselves that the red flags we witnessed were somehow explainable. And, after that was no longer an option, we tried to take the negativity in stride while finding the perseverance to keep it from tearing us apart. We know it must be devastating for our fans to have spent the last twelve months supporting our every move, and for that we cannot apologize enough. We share your frustration and anger! 

Dawn says that the rumors being spread about her by her former band mates are “exaggerated lies and false accusations.” She then took to her personal Facebook page releasing the following statement to DK Fans:

I am sorry to everyone that this news has to come out. You’re worth more. Certain choices were made that I am not proud of. However, I will not be disrespected. Once again, I am sorry to the fans as this should have been handled privately not publicly. I continued to work with both parties to try to release the album even when the original story was leaked without anyone being consulted. I have been unable to release my statement via Danity Kane social media because my access to all Danity Kane social media pages has been blocked by DK members. This forces me to make my statement on my personal page. This could have all been handled privately; however, certain parties chose to make this public before it could be rectified. I am not justifying my actions. I am saying this was all done before any changes or conversations could even be had.

Yesterday, Aubrey announced that she’s on to the next chapter. She says:

to the best fans ever. thank you for always being there. your love & support means everything to me. here’s to the next chapter…

If the rumors are true about Shannon and Aubrey meeting up secretly than maybe we’ll have an album coming from the two of them soon. We’ll see.

Via: TMZ/Madamenoir/Facebook/Getty Images

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