Danity Kane And Day 26 Announce Comeback Tours

Danity Kane And Day 26 Announce Comeback Tours


Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise!

The members of Danity Kane and Day 26 have announced their comeback tours! A while back the ladies of Danity Kane announced that they would be working together with the exception of D. Woods but we had no idea Day 26 had the same plans.

After Danity Kane made their fabulous appearance at the AMA’s they posted their announcement via Facebook:

Our first live concert in 5 years will be at House of Blues Sunset Strip in LA on DECEMBER 16, 2013!

Day 26 made their big announcement yesterday via press release.

The time has finally come and it’s official. Promoters, radio stations, bloggers, magazines be a part of this amazing reunion that the fans been begging for “DAY26 THE REUNION TOUR”

Featuring all 5 members of the group & Donnie Klang & DeAngelo Redman/members from making of the band 4..All together on 1 Stage for the world to enjoy.

How dope is that!

Peep a throwback flick of Danity Kane and Day 26 below.


Will you be attending either concert?


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