Colin Kaepernick Talks Being Adopted In GQ Magazine

There is a God!

The San Francisco 49er QB, Colin Kaepernick, is covering the September issue of GQ Magazine. Although he has on way more clothes than he had on in his previous magazine cover he’s just as sexy. OKAY! 

If you didn’t know, Colin’s biological mother is Caucasian and his father is Black but Colin was adopted and raised by a Caucasian family. Inside, Rick Kaepernick talks about adopting Colin and how he and Teresa Kaepernick found ways to make him feel comfortable in his skin once Colin knew he looked different from the rest of the family. Rick also discussed the time when Colin decided he wanted to get cornrows like Allen Iverson and how they had to drive a little ways to find someone who new how to do it. Ha, too cute!

Rick: Colin knew from the very beginning that he was different. I mean, it was pretty obvious. Either my wife or I had an affair, or something else was going on, right? So when he asked about the color of his skin, we’d just say, ‘You’ve got such beautiful brown skin! We’re jealous!’ We never wanted him to feel that he was white or that he should be. Only to be who he needed to be. In eighth grade, he was a big Allen Iverson fan and wanted cornrows. We had to go all the way to Modesto to find a guy who did that.

Colin continued:

On summer vacations, it happened every time. We’d be checking into a motel and somebody would come up to me as I’m standing next to my family, all nervous, and say, ‘Um, can I help you with something?

See photos from the shoot below.


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