Ciara Engaged To Future

These days Mr. Free Bandz doesn’t have a problem giving out free bandz like the 15 karat engagement band he just laced his honey with.

Yep, it’s official! Just as Kanye did for Kim, it’s been reported that Future proposed to Ciara on her 28th birthday and stunned her with a 15-karat engagement ring three days ago in NYC, during her birthday celebration. The couple’s publicist, Chris Chambers, confirmed these rumors to the Associated Press on Sunday. Although Ciara hasn’t officially confirmed or denied the rumors, the day of her birthday she tweeted:

Today Has 2 Be Like One Of The Sweetest Days Of My Life! #TheBestBirthdayEver

If I’m Dreaming I Don’t Want To Wake Up..Aaaaaahhh!!!:).

Chile I bet!

During a previous interview Future admitted that seven years ago,he saw Ciara on the set of a video while he was with his brother Rocko and he wanted to tell her he was feeling her back then but didn’t say anything. He told Rocko not to say anything either but in the back of his mind he knew he would have her one day and look at them now.

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes Ciara with a baby carriage. Congrats Cibandz!

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