Chris Brown Gets Accused Of Hit And Run: ‘He Looked Scary He Has Lots Of Tattoos’

This year has definitely not been Chris Brown’s best year. Between his recent break up with Rihanna, to a woman accusing him of shoving her into a club and breaking her leg, now this. The lady who was involved in a fender bender with Chris Brown a few weeks back has come forth accusing Breezy of a hit and run.

According to Olga (Miss Russia LA 2013) she had no idea who Chris Brown nor Karrueche was. She claims that Chris Brown called her “bit-h”, he gave her a Lamborghini insurance card (Chris was driving a Range Rover) and she says she felt threatened by his big car and tattoos.

He was polite at first but when I took a picture and asked him for his driver’s license and didn’t get it, he start scream at me and he got really crazy. He said I have to delete the picture and he tried to grab my phone but [Karrueche] started screaming at him, ‘Don’t touch her, don’t touch her.’ He called me a b—h and say basically what I think about myself if I’m in new Mercedes so I have money and all this kind of stuff.

Whether or Not She Got All the Correct Info After the Accident
The girl gave me her driver’s license. She wasn’t driving. They gave me some piece of paper. It was insurance for Lamborghini…expired insurance. I never got any driver’s license from him. I didn’t know who he is and I didn’t recognize him.


She says she doesn’t want to sue. Should we believe her ? I mean from the look of the pictures that were snapped by the papz Chris and Karrueche seemed to be extremely helpful.



via TMZ

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