Chris Brown Donates 1,000 Pair Of Reeboks To The Youth In LA

Chris love the kids !

This past Saturday, Chris Brown was in the giving spirit. The singer marched down to Crenshaw High School in LA for the “WE US: Walk Everywhere in Unity’s Shoes” campaign to visit the kiddies. As part of the campaign, Chris Brown donated 1,000 pairs of Reebok sneakers to the youth in Compton and Baldwin village.

As he reflected on his childhood, Chris told People:

I used to have to borrow my cousin’s clothes. So being able to come from that poverty-stricken environment and then being able to get out of it is what I tried to [do]. … I just want to show the kids and have them have a better light of opportunities for them to do what they need to do

Chris receives a lot of hate but he spreads a lot of love.


After the event Chris tweeted:

Thank you for allowing me to continue to inspire change in the world. Today was a great step forward!

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