Choreographer Viva La’ Veese Takes On Ciara’s “Body Party”

viva-la-veese-body-party2-ihatemypublicist viva-la-veese-body-party3-ihatemypublicist viva-la-veese-body-party4-ihatemypublicist viva-la-veese-body-party-ihatemypublicistCi Ci better watch out because Ms. Viva La’ Veese got moves honey!

I had the pleasure of meeting Viva during a networking event called Business Babes Who Brunch that took place on Saturday in Philadelphia and had no idea that this woman had moves such as the ones featured in the below video of her and her dancers dancing to Ciara’s Body Party. Viva is an up and coming choreographer located in the Philadelphia area and has worked with some of the top artists in the city such as Lee Mazin and GoGo Morrow.

In the wee hours of the night Viva released her latest choreographed video. The video features Viva and her ladies, TeamViva, teasing major sex appeal and seduction. The crew’s apparel consisted of thigh-high stockings and tan thong equipped leotards that would make it easy for any of Miley Cyrus’ twerk sessions. Ha! Hey fellas this video is certain to make your day!

Get into the video below. Explicit content.

Ladies feel free to try this at home.

Check out Viva’s website for more info.

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  1. It was okay. Wasn’t compared to Ciara.

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