Kirk And Rasheeda Headed For Divorce ? Couple Shows Up To V103 Event Seperately


Kirk is quickly becoming one of the most hated individuals on reality television (if he isn’t already the most hated) since he told his wife Rasheeda to get an abortion and accused her of being impregnated by someone else on national television. Since then the couple has been going at each others throats like cats and dogs.

This weekend the boss chick and Kirk attended the V103 car and bike show at the Georgia World Congress Center, separately. Kirk showed up by himself while Rasheeda showed up with her mother (who was bugging on last nights episode by the way) and was spotted flicking it up with her friend Latoya Wright.

Kirk was doing the most, per the usual, as he posed for the camera holding up an almost single shirt.

Is that really necessary? *major side eye*

You may be wondering why he is holding up that shirt, well it is rumored that the two are nearing an official divorce. We haven’t seen any official documents to prove those rumors and neither Kirk nor Rasheeda has confirmed this but any married man holding up an almost single graphic shirt is pretty much saying he’s getting a divorce.

Rasheeda’s mother tried it with the “Oh Hell Naw” shirt on. Ha !

Toya looks stunning.

Kirk called in to WGCI’s radio show yesterday stating that he does want the baby and he wishes that he would have never told his wife to get an abortion. Kirk also dishes on whether or not hes’ been cheating. Listen below.


The man is clearly insecure but that’s been stated since day one.

Watch: Ciara Gets Served With Law Suit In The Middle Of A Performance



While Ciara was serving up sexy, on stage, to her throwback single Promise she ended up getting served with some unexpected paperwork. The owners of The Hit Factory hit Cici up with a lawsuit right in the middle of her performance and made sure TMZ was there to capture the footage. Dang can she twirl or nah? Ciara took a glance at the paperwork and threw it right back to the lady and continued her little 1,2 step. 

Hit Factory is claiming that the singer bailed on their L.A. Gay Pride event but Ciara’s reps have reported that she notified the club that she would not be in attendance and the club promoters continued to promote. Crazy!

Watch it below.

Ciara — Served with Lawsuit While on Stage! – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe
The singer also, performed Body Party while at the L.A Pride Festival.

Erykah Badu Goes Off On Fan Via Twitter!!


Yooooo I’m Weak!! 

Don’t play with Erykah Badu, recently a fan took to twitter trying slander Erykah’s name by talking about Erykahs multiple baby daddies, her figure,  and criticizing her for being late to concerts. The argument began when a tweet was sent out promoting Erykah Badu’s upcoming concert in California on June 29th and a young lady who won’t be in attendance at the concert for obvious reasons tweeted: 

Let me save u time & money ppl. She’ll be 6 hours late & all kinda phony. 

However @fatbellybella ( Erykah Badu’s twitter) shut her down real quick. The two ladies exchanged some words but Erykah was coming for her neck literally!!! Lol

Read the tweets below:

Erykah fans had a ball watching the tweets and of course had Erykah’s back.


Erykah later tweeted:

I agree with Erykah, although she’s a celebrity that doesn’t exempt her from being human! Some things you let slide and some things you address. Clearly, Erykah was not phased by the woman because she kept cracking jokes. Ha!

Story written by: Donnice. P.

Kanye West Celebrates His 36th Birthday!


With Kanye’s sixth studio album Yeezus getting ready to drop  it only makes sense for him to live it up!!!

Ye linked up with some famous friends such as Nas, Jay Z and Beyonce at Ms. Lilys in New York to bring in his birthday the right way.

Nas shared a photo on instagram of Hov, Ye, and himself with the caption “Yeezus x Hov x Godson …. The 3 Gods. Happy Birthday to my brotha Kanye!” 

Epic Pic!

Meanwhile Kim K. had to stay home due to medical issues but was sure to show her man some love via instagram and twitter. She captioned her collage:

“Happy Birthday to my best friend, the ❤ of my life, my soul!!!! I love you beyond words! “

See below.


Aww seems like a very happy time for Kanye!!!

Written by: Donnice P. 

Beyonce And Michelle Wrote ‘Girl’ Song For Kelly Rowland- Kelly Confirms On Hot 107.9


Kelly aired out more of her dirty laundry when she stopped by Philly’s Hot 107.9 to chit chat with co hosts Shamara and Laiya.

While there, the brownskin bombshell talked about her celebrity crush, who her favorite rapper is and even dished on how Beyonce and Michelle wrote their song “Girl” for her. She talked about being emotional when she heard the song because of her former abusive relationship and explains that things like that are the reason why Destiny’s Child is more than just a girl group.

Peep the excerpts:

On whether Destiny’s Child “Girl” was about her
Yes. It’s so funny because I don’t know how people connect dots with music and artist that they have followed for so long, but when I saw that on Twitter of people starting to put all the [pieces] together, like it was so interesting. They did it with “Girl,” they did it with “Bad Habit,” they did it with so many songs on that album and I was like, ‘Oooookay!’ Crazy!

On whether she got emotional when she heard the lyrics to “Girl”
Of course I did, the girls wrote it for me. Destiny’s Child is deeper than what people see on the surface. Those are my homies for life. Golden girls! We stuck with each other, period!

Read more below.

On who her celebrity crush is
He is taken and I completely respect his wife – Jessie Williams. He is just gorgeous. It just makes no sense how beautiful this man is, and I saw him at Super Bowl and I refused to stare because its almost like you’re looking at a work of art. He is like so handsome. He is such a man in the way he talks and the way he acts, it’s just really interesting.

On her favorite rapper
Kendrick Lamar, because I love how witty he is and how he thinks of things off the cuff. He is socially conscious. He puts things that are currently happening [into his music]. The way he thinks about stuff and puts it all together [is amazing]. He is just very smart and very intelligent and I like him a lot.

On the comments her ex fiancé, Roy Williams made about her song ‘Dirty Laundry’

Listen to the full interview here.


Dawn Richard Confirms: D. Woods Was Invited To Danity Kane Reunion But Didn’t Show Up

I have to sit down for this one, this is some serious talk.
While we are still awaiting confirmation of a Danity Kane reunion we might want to pump our brakes a bit. Dawn Richard tells us that when the girls met up a few weeks back it was only for lunch and while we were all wondering where the heck D. Woods was at, Dawn says that she was invited but didn’t come.


The story is interesting because D. Woods tells us that she found out about the Danity Kane reunion via twitter.


Dawn expressed that she doesn’t want people to focus on the negativity what she is focusing on most is the fact that Danity Kane hasn’t been seen together in over 5 years and the amount of support that they received from their fans just from being photographed together she says, “Speaks volumes.” Watch the interview below.


Wale Admits That Tiara Thomas Signing To Rico Love Is A ‘Bitter Reality’ 


We fell in love with Tiara Thomas from Wale’s Bad and it seems as though she may have stayed true to some of those lyrics while being bad for Wale in real life. 

In a recent interview Wale did with Hot 97 he admits that Tiara had been his artist for two years prior to doing the record and decided to part ways with Wale after being introduced to Rico Love through Wale. That’s gotta hurt! Over the weekend, the 23 year old singer signed to Rico Love’s Division 1 Label and Interscope Records. 

The MMG rapper had nothing but great things to say about her and says he was just a casualty to the game. Peep the excerpts.

K. Foxx: That’s your artist? She’s signed to you?

Wale: I was a casualty of the game. That bitter reality just hit me but it’s all good, shout out to Tiara Thomas and her new situation. I don’t want to go there- shout out to Tiara Thomas though. She’s a dope artist, she’s an incredible artist.

Ebro: Blink twice if I got it right. Tiara Thomas jumps on Wale’s song “Bad” after spending six months…

Wale: Two years…

Read more below.

Ebro: …potentially wanting to be an artist that is groomed under Wale. You put her on the song “Bad.” “Bad” becomes single, all of a sudden Tiara Thomas doesn’t want to sign to Wale, she’d rather do something else…

Wale: …Shout out to Tiara Thomas and her new situation. I wish her the best. “Bad” is an incredible record, she wrote it. She got a situation, they doing what they gon’ do with her and shout out to her and her situation. Their situation met through me. I was recording with the “situation” she’s in now and they met. It’s just the game though. My thing is, I don’t believe in paperwork too soon cause I like to show and prove what I can do. And like, I ain’t want to scare nobody. Like yo ‘let’s make the music, let’s vibe.’ You live and learn so that’s why I’ll kick myself before I complain about somebody else. It’s the music business. Like a lot of these people ain’t ya “friend”-friend for real like that sometime. She got her situation and she’s happy and I learned. I got a big heart and I give, give, give, give. I take dudes from off the street back home and be like ‘C’mon, you run with me we gon’ make you this money and find you a niche.’ She did what she had to do. She did what she thought was in her best interest. And I guess that’s what all people do. So shout out to her and her situation. She’s dope. If you want to support her, you should support her. I’m not going to throw shade at her, it just it what it is. I learned. She’ll have a great career.

Fresh off of signing her new deal with Rico Love, Tiara Thomas wasted no time while taking her original lyrics and dropping a new version of “Bad” today. Listen below.
Are you guys feeling Tiara’s remix to Bad better than Wale and Rihanna’s ?

Serena Williams Embraces Her Curves In Essence Magazine


Serena Williams is loving her new physique on the cover of Essence Magazine.

Inside, the number one female tennis pro talks about the attention her body receives, particularly her back end and how she feels weird about it at times. Serena explains that there was a time when women weren’t comfortable with being shapely but now a days women are starting to feel more comfortable in their skin.

Read it below.

On the Attention Surrounding Her Body

It can be a bit weird. Before it was, ‘Serena has a big butt,’ and that was all. Now there are way more people who feel comfortable with themselves and they’re saying, ‘I’m a woman, and this is what I look like.’ I always say, ‘We’re popular now! We’re finally in style!’

She also talks about feeling healthier at 31 years old.

I feel lighter, I feel healthier, and even though I’m 31—which really isn’t old, but for an athlete, particularly a tennis player, it’s old—I promise you, my body has never felt better. Considering how much I’ve played and how much I’ve done, I feel fine. I’m strong

New Video: Tamar Braxton ‘The One’



Tamar Braxton looked super cute in her latest video for her single that features the Juicy Biggie Small’s sample The One. 

The video features Tamar’s love interest coming to scoop her in a bright yellow jeep and taking her out for a day out at an amusement park where the two enjoy each others company amongst playing games and taking funny photos. Tamar’s growing belly doesn’t stop her from busting a move with the break dancers either, too cute.

Watch the video below.

Praise Be To Yeezus ? Kanye West Depiction Of Jesus Christ Album Artwork Sparks Controversy 


Kanye is no stranger to controversy and with his sixth album Yeezus due to drop June 18th with no pre-order available for his fans, controversy is all he has been receiving. 

The album was originally available for pre-order on but the pre-orders since has been taken down. Earlier this week this image leaked along with the artwork of his album courtesy of his baby mama Kim Kardashian’s instagram. Seems familiar doesn’t it?  The image is a Kanye West rendition to the to Jesus Christ on the cross. 

There’s more below.


The album cover (above)



What do you think of the Yeezus vs Jesus controversy ?