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Two Mob Wives Are Not Invited To Attend Big Ang’s Funeral

Rest In Peace Big Ang. On February 18th, approximately at 3:01am in Manhattan, Reality TV Star Big Ang died at the age of 55. It is said that she died of complications of cancer after she contracted pneumonia. Big Ang’s friend, Vinnie Medugno, confirmed on Twitter that she passed away peacefully and was surrounded by friends and family. Big Ang’s nickname steamed from her blunt but vibrant personality. Not only was she open to letting her life play out right in front of us every week on VH1’s Mob Wives (where she first appeared), she was also very open about...
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Ne Ne Leakes Claims Kenya Moore Couldn’t Afford Penthouse: “I Know When A Girl Can’t Afford Something”

Chile the shade! HA! If you are an avid watcher of Real Housewives of Atlanta then you would’ve seen on the last episode that Ne Ne Leakes attempted to help Kenya Moore find an apartment after she was kicked out of the home she was renting. Before the house shopping even began Ne Ne was throwing shade when she walked into the hotel room Kenya Moore was staying in. The room happened to have a white refrigerator, it was a bit small and didn’t have the best view of the city. Ne Ne referred to it as “the ghetto” and...
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