Congratulations! Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Officially Married

It’s official folks!

Just five months after bringing a baby boy into the world new parents Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa has officially tied the knot. The couple has been engaged over a year now and was making wedding arrangements until Amber got pregnant with Sebastian. Amber and Wiz put their wedding plans on hold so their son could partake in the ceremony.

Although the actual wedding ceremony isn’t taking place until this fall, today Wiz and Amber announced the great news via twitter


Me and Amber got married today. Weddings this fall. Thought I’d let ya’ll know.

Shortly after Amber announced the great news via twitter as well.

Yay me & my Baby are officially married!!!

She then posted the below photo on instagram with the caption “Happily ever after”.

Congratulations guys !

Angela Simmons Covers Rolling Out Magazine

Angela Simmons posed flawlessly for her feature on the new cover of Rolling Out magazine.

Aside from being Rev. Runs daughter, Angela, has definitely been making a name for herself. The 25 year old just recently launched a personal lifestyle website to be more connected with her fans . She also just created her own clothing line and has become a temporary summer host on 106&Park alongside Bow Wow. According to NecoleBitchie BET has confirmed that the other three host will not be returning. Congrats Angela !

Inside the magazine she talks about her website, her healthy lifestyle and how she handles the pressure of being constantly judged by individuals for what she chooses to wear, especially because of who her dad is.

On her website

It’s basically a place for my fans and anyone that wants to keep up with me. It’s also a place that’s really about inspiring and helping young females. I have a beauty section, a fitness section, and an “Ask Angela” section; it goes on and on. It’s pretty much everything in my life all in one place. I’m really excited about it. When I launched it, it crashed [laughs] … which is a good thing, because everyone ran there at the same time. I’m excited, because it’s my baby, and I’m really owning it.

On her fashion line

It’s really feminine, but still dressed down, because that’s how I am. I think that an outfit should be able to carry you from day to night. It should be something that you can wear with sneakers, or something that you can wear with heels. That’s the kind of girl that I am. I’m a New York City edgy girl on the go, so the clothing line is fun and young … it’s also something that you can keep forever. I try to make pieces that people will be able to carry on for a long time. I want my pieces to be affordable, so it’s a very moderate-end line that you can actually buy and be fashionable for the price.

On evolving and being a role model

There comes a point in your life where you just evolve, and that’s where I’m at right now. This is me. I’ve just grown into this person. I always get people asking me if it’s a lot of pressure being a role model, or is there a lot of pressure because I come from this family, or that my dad is a reverend … and you know what, it is, but at the same time, I am who I am. I’m not faking it.

On her fitness journey.

I’ve been into health and fitness for a long time now. When I first moved to L.A. seven years ago, I told myself that I was really going to give it a try. And when I met my trainer, Mike T, he really transformed my mind and my body. When I first met him, I said that I was just going to do a trial, but from there, I worked out for seven years straight. I was really dedicated, too; I was in the gym two times a day, I cut out all white carbs. I mean, I was extremely dedicated, and within the last three years, I’ve also become a vegetarian. It was my own decision, but I was also inspired by my uncle [Russell Simmons], who is a vegan.

On being judged because of what she wears and who her her dad is

Well I think with religion, people are just judgmental off the bat. They feel like if you have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ, then you’re not allowed to have any fun. I think that’s just wrong when people judge others … especially when you’re not supposed to judge anyway. But I deal with it all the time. People will come up to me and say ”Oh you shouldn’t be wearing that skirt,” and I just say ”why not?” I’m not doing it distastefully, and I’m not being disrespectful. I have my relationship with God, so therefore I don’t feel like anyone should judge me. But it’s life, and people are going to judge. And there’s so much controversy surrounding religion, so I just eat it. At this point, it is what it is, but I know who I am … and God knows my heart, so I don’t take it any further.

On what she struggles with

I don’t know. For me, I lean on God for everything. I have an amazing family, and I have God, so those are my backbones. So if I’m having any trouble, that’s where I go, or I simply sit down and write in my diary. But I always end up going back to God and to my family.

Meagan Good Responds To BET Awards Dress Criticism: ‘I Don’t Feel Convicted About This At All’

Meagan Good had some Christian folk gasping for air when she showed up to the 2013 BET awards in a gorgeous glove fitting, Michael Costello gown with a v-cut plunging neckline. The actress would not have received so much backlash from the Christian community if she wasn’t married to Devon Franklin who just so happens to be a preacher. That would of course make Meagan a First Lady. Meagan not only received backlash for wearing the gown though.

Folks also felt as though it was disrespectful for the Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man actress to present the Best Gospel award in such a revealing gown. Since then the singer has kept quiet up until one of her fans supported her decision to wear the dress via instagram and Meagan posted it up. The Meagan Good fan came to Meagan’s defense by saying:

I love it!!!!! Go head Meagan, keep making people start the conversations and confront their religiosity and judgemental spirits forgetting what they have been redeemed from…Love conquers a multitude of sins and your love stance will continue to reveal the difference between the Kingdom of God (righteousness, joy, peace motivated by love) vs Religion! #kingdomfriend #igetit

After a number of folks began attacking Meagan even more under the photo she defended herself by commenting back and saying

… I don’t feel convicted about this at all .,my spirit is saddened that our people only know one way to think and process things.. I’m not any less holy because the dress I wore -I may not be who people think I should be -but I’m morphing into exactly who God wants me to be.. My excuse is never “I’m going to do me” and I don’t feel that I need to make an excuse or defend or what I wore .. I know I have a responsibility -and I’m working daily to fulfill the full potential of all God has created me to be.. A dialogue was started about my character, integrity, my walk with God and my Husband -simply based on a dress that I wore.., Of course I’m going to have a reaction to people saying negative things… It’s just sad.. Makes me sad not regretful.. My heart and spirit is always open to whatever my Father would want to share with me… And my spirit tells me to be exactly who I authentically am -because that’s what’s going to reach who I was authentically designed to touch.. people like me who are often misunderstood and told their cut of God’s promise -because they don’t look the role …when God doesn’t care about us “looking the role”..he is always cared about bringing us in -and us being whatever we need to be to bring Those left out in .. And it just makes me sad that us as Christians can’t see beyond our initial reaction and don’t seek God before the attack other brothers and sisters …and never think for one moment that: God knows what he’s doing and he uses everything for his glory .. and he has a plan for every specific situation.. I had intentions on anything .. Merely picked a dress I saw and loved … God knows my heart and that I didn’t do anything wrong .. And he will use even people’s thoughts to bring him glory.

Do you think Megan’s dress was appropriate for the occasion or not ?

 Via Realitywives

Ace Hood Explains Watch Falling Apart On 2013 BET Awards Red Carpet: ‘I Spent $60,000 On That Watch, Man’

This year’s theme for the 2013 BET Awards was Anything Can Happen and the theme definitely applied to Ace Hood’s red carpet moment.

As soon as Ace Hood got off the stage from putting on a killer performance his “$60,000″ watch fell apart in front of thousands of viewers. According to the rapper he had no clue what had just fell. Once he realized it was the face of his watch he attempted to put it back together but his attempt failed.  So embarrassing.

Bow Wow tried to ease the moment by saying, “It’s all good, it’s all good man it’s only $20 k.” Not! Ha!

In an interview Ace Hood recently did with Mando Fresko he explains how he had to fire his jeweler because of the incident.

When you spend a certain amount on a watch, certain things aren’t supposed to happen. My jeweler, I had to fire my jeweler. He’s definitely going through it. I spent $60,000 on that watch, man. I was just as shocked as everybody else was when it did happen. It never happened to any of my other watches or anything. I looked up. I ain’t even know what it was. I figured it was my bracelet. It wasn’t no thing, though. I ain’t even look at the footage. … For it to happen right then in that moment, I was like, ‘You could have happened anywhere else. I just performed. I just ripped down the stage, everything. But you chose to let it be there.’ That’s how I know the Devil be working. He be working. But we good man.

Watch Ace’s watch fall apart below.

Listen to the full interview below. 

Do you believe the watch was real ?

Queen B Is Back In The Studio + Rasheeda Releases “Hit It From the Back” Video


“Queen B” has returned and is buzzing something serious. Lil Kim has recently been in the studio with legendary, Grammy Award winning, song writer, Diane Warren.

Kimmy was also spotted kicking it with Wiz Khalifa and his baby mama Amber Rose Monday night. Muva Rose was super siked about meeting Lil Kim. She tweeted:

I touched @LilKim’s boob (on purpose) tonight and Wiz let me…..that was awesome! #QueenBee

In other female rap news, a very preggo and bottle popping Rasheeda has released a video.



So remember that music video that Rasheeda was arguing with everybody about on the most recent episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, well she has finally released it and it is…. interesting.

The video is for her song “Hit It From The Back”, which features the pregnant rapper singing about partying, getting money, and of course getting “hit from the back”. I’m curious as to why Rasheeda continued with shooting the video despite being pregnant but hey, to each its own.

Check out the hot mama flaunting her goodies in the video below.


Kris Jenner Explains Meaning Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye’s Baby Name: “I Love The Name North, Absolutely”


Why North West ? Has been the question floating around for about a week now. Kris Jenner finally has an explanation behind her grand daughter’s name.

Yesterday, Kris Jenner sat down with the ladies of The View to address the controversy surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s daughter name. When momager Kris was asked about the baby’s name she responded:

I love the name North. I am pro-North. Absolutely! The way she explained it to me was that North means ‘highest power and she said that North was their highest point together. 

I thought that was really sweet. 

It’s North West. but you don’t walk around calling somebody “Hi, North West” it’s just North. They have a nickname for her, I’m not sure what they’ve decided on.


Watch below.

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Ciara Addresses “N” Word Controversy Surrounding Paula Deen

Ciara-addresses- paula- deen- and- the-N-Word-on-Access-Hollywood-Live

You may have already heard about the racism controversy surrounding celebrity chef Paula Deen.

Paula Deen has been in a world of trouble since she admitted to referring to her African-American employees at her Savannah, Georgia restaurant by the “N” word. Since then, Mrs. Deen has lost more pay cuts than most people have lost in a life time.

Ciara stopped by Access Hollywood to give her opinion on the situation. See what the songstress had to say below.

As an entertainer you have fun and it’s all about the context it’s used in. I am an African-American woman, so I can identify with that word in different ways,

It’s all about the context and in my case I know I can have fun because I know where I’m coming from with it. You have to be light-hearted and it has to be in a certain way. I cannot hear another person of another race saying, ‘you this’ like ‘you that.’ Again, it’s all about how you say it and what context it’s used in.

That word has as much power as you give it.

That word is so old that it references the context of where it comes from. I want to make sure I’m clear about that, it doesn’t mean that same thing that it could have meant years ago, especially when we can have fun about it


Chris Brown Gets Accused Of Hit And Run: ‘He Looked Scary He Has Lots Of Tattoos’

This year has definitely not been Chris Brown’s best year. Between his recent break up with Rihanna, to a woman accusing him of shoving her into a club and breaking her leg, now this. The lady who was involved in a fender bender with Chris Brown a few weeks back has come forth accusing Breezy of a hit and run.

According to Olga (Miss Russia LA 2013) she had no idea who Chris Brown nor Karrueche was. She claims that Chris Brown called her “bit-h”, he gave her a Lamborghini insurance card (Chris was driving a Range Rover) and she says she felt threatened by his big car and tattoos.

He was polite at first but when I took a picture and asked him for his driver’s license and didn’t get it, he start scream at me and he got really crazy. He said I have to delete the picture and he tried to grab my phone but [Karrueche] started screaming at him, ‘Don’t touch her, don’t touch her.’ He called me a b—h and say basically what I think about myself if I’m in new Mercedes so I have money and all this kind of stuff.

Whether or Not She Got All the Correct Info After the Accident
The girl gave me her driver’s license. She wasn’t driving. They gave me some piece of paper. It was insurance for Lamborghini…expired insurance. I never got any driver’s license from him. I didn’t know who he is and I didn’t recognize him.


She says she doesn’t want to sue. Should we believe her ? I mean from the look of the pictures that were snapped by the papz Chris and Karrueche seemed to be extremely helpful.



via TMZ