Personal Story: Why I’ve Decided To Walk Away From Gossip Blogging

Photo Taken in New York after Love And Hip Hop Reunion Taping “2015”

According to Forbes Magazine nearly 80 percent of small business owners don’t make it pass the first three years. Although ihatemypublicist wasn’t a fully self-sufficient operated business it was a staple in this industry for celebrity entertainment news. So I think it’s somewhat safe to say that we beat the statistics. If you would’ve told me that the site would’ve taken off like it did, back when I started in 2013, I probably would’ve believed you. Notice that I said would because I believed in it that much.

It was just a little after my 24th birthday. I was working at a Media Rep. Firm in Philadelphia and I was growing tired of the work that I was doing there. It was right after Obama’s second presidential term and I was a major key when it came to making sure his radio advertisements were being processed properly before being sent over to the radio stations. We worked with stations all over the country so as you can imagine the pressure was very intense. One screw up from me and my boss was on my back. It felt like I was on a live episode of one of P-Diddy’s reality shows. A mistake from me might include me sending the wrong time or day that Obama’s presidential ad was supposed to play on the radio and if that happened, it would cost the agency representing him tons of money, so I had to be extra careful because everything went directly through my fingertips. Either way after the election I decided that it was time for me to start my own thing and go back to what I was most passionate about. Entertainment Journalism!

So after a couple of months of doing research I came up with this crazy idea of starting this blog and I would name it Four years later and I’ve reached the decision to shut down the site. *Gasps for air and clinches pearls*. LOL yes girl I know but before I fully dive into that let’s rewind a bit.

Six months after I started the site I moved to Atlanta. I chose Atlanta because it was affordable and it’s one of the entertainment capitols for urban entertainment. In the beginning things were really taking off for the site and it was really fun. But over the years I would begin to feel guilty about being a “blogger”. Even though I tried to keep the stories positive and I always came with receipts and facts it didn’t matter. The harsh reality of being a blogger is no matter how sweet, genuine or positive you are in real life you will still be perceived differently. I went to school for journalism and when I wrote for the Hornet Newspaper the only section I wanted to cover was the fashion and entertainment section. That was what the students at Delaware State looked forward to reading most. No one ever looked at me as a messy person when I was doing that so I thought it would be the same in the blogosphere. Unfortunately that wasn’t my reality.

Most people love the website and it’s originality which is what kept me going everyday even through my roughest days. But there were individuals who weren’t too fond of it either. Nor were they too happy about having me around.

I remember once I went to dinner with a particular ‘instagram celeb’, their camp, as well as a good friend of mine and at some point or another during dinner someone mentioned that I was a blogger and how I had this “amazing” website. It made me feel great but it made the individual extremely uncomfortable. Which ultimately made me uncomfortable because I never wanted to be known for trying to defame anyone. That isn’t who I am in real life so I could never be that person behind a computer screen. Sadly you can not change a person’s perception of who you are when you go by certain titles. Unfortunately blogging just so happens to be one of those titles. No one told me this when I signed up though. HA! 

So that was the reality and it would always agitate my spirit. I just wanted to write dope stories that would make an even bigger connection between an artist and their fans. But at times I would be afraid or too ashamed to tell people what I did or who I was. My friends would brag about how dope the site was when introducing me to others and over time I just began to shy away from it. It wasn’t as cool as it was when I first started. That is when I knew that it was simply no longer for me. I’ve been battling with these thoughts for over a year and a half now and I felt it was just time to be honest with myself and my supporters. 

I’m not quitting nor am I giving up on my dreams. When I started the site I was 24 and now I’m 28. I’m a total different person. I was a girl and now I’m a woman and I’ve definitely reached a growth spurt so it’s time to move forward. Besides, I’m sure Kim Kardashian won’t miss me posting about what her and Kanye had on last night anyway. HA!

I appreciate everyone that has been a huge support throughout these four years and I hope you’ll join me on my next journey as I began to re-brand my business and my image. I’m done crying now. Love you all!


Personal Story: Brittnee Boone Interviews With Simply The Dime Radio


Wow! It’s already been two years since I created I literally was just talking about it one day, six months later I was on my way down 85 south making my way to Atlanta.

I literally had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first started out. It was so easy in the beginning, I assumed that things would remain at a steady pace. Chaaaa no! Ha! I was so wrong. The kid has faced more hardships than a little bit. But with God, faith, family, friends and the power of the universe on my side I’ve been able to beat the odds.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak on Simply The Dime’s Blog Talk Radio show. It was actually my first time being on any sort of radio show. I’ve sat in and watched other shows but I’ve never done one myself up until now and it was super fun. We talked a lot about myself, how I got started with the site, the journey leading up to now and more. I dropped a few gems along the way as well.

Everyone that tuned in really enjoyed the show so I thought it would be a great idea to share it with those of you who missed it. Well I won’t beat your eyes up, ha. Listen to the full interview below.

 Excuse the foul language in the beginning, seriously don’t know what that was about. It makes for a good laugh though. Ha!

*I come on around the 5:23 mark*

Check Out Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Simply The Dime on BlogTalkRadio

Ebony McAllister Owner Of Minx Diva Nails Takes Atlanta

photo 1 (2)

My experience at Minx Diva Nails was everything!!! 

The luxurious manicurists is located in Atlanta and specializes in natural nail care, gel sculpture, swarvoski bling nails and is most known for her popular minx nails.

Owner, Ebony McAllister, revealed that she recently moved to Atlanta from North Carolina about a month ago. Since partnering with one of Atlanta’s top PR Firms, The B Firm PR, Minx Diva Nails is certainly taking off. The 32 year old started doing nails at the age of 16 and was inspired by a former nail technician. She realized that she too was passionate about doing nails and she’s been slaying ever since.

Minx Diva Nails is very professional. Before you come in you’ll have to fill out an in depth consultation form. Everything from what type of nails you like to your favorite type of music. You don’t have to worry about the harsh scents that you may encounter at other nail salons because she doesn’t use acrylic and she carries a variety of different color Christian Louboutin nail polishes. Once you arrive your favorite music is playing, nail color is picked out and your’re ready to get started as soon as you’re seated. Those are the types of details which makes your visit with Minx Diva Nails that much better.

See photos from my visit below.

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (1) photo 3 photo 2

If you’re in the Atlanta area be sure to check out Minx Diva Nails. Tell her I sent ya!

Video: Shateria Moragne Shares Personal Story At Table Of 20 Event

photo 2.PNG-11

Yasss bae, give us life! Ha!

Fashion designer and owner of Front Row clothing, Shateria Moragne, was in Atlanta this past weekend and I was one out of the 20 individuals that were invited to hear her share her personal story and testimony. If you follow this brown bombshell on Instagram you already know she slays but doesn’t speak much which leaves us wanting to know more about her. She has been almost a mystery up until now.

The Table Of 20 Event was held this past Saturday by the BFirm PR at Neiman Marcus in the Lenox Mall. Very upscale, chic and exclusive brunching experience. While we waited for our entrees to come out Shateria told us stories about her hair. You were probably thinking that muva was being styled and colored by some celebrity styling hair gawd if so, you were wrong. She actually grew up in a hair salon so she knows a thing or two about the hair industry. Her mother is a stylist and has been doing her hair for most of her life but she admits that when her mother isn’t around she colors and styles her hair with a $20 old school curling iron. Who knew?

With a drink in one hand and phone in the other, I honed in as Shateria shared her journey and secrets to success. I was able to capture some footage before my phone ran out of storage. HA!

Peep the excerpts below.

On what she was doing before fashion:

I used to be a choreographer. I used to teach dance classes and everything like that. And I was like you know what? I’m going to start a T-shirt line.

Living in Miami somewhat shifted the original idea of just t-shirts and inspired the Baltimore native’s high end clothing line. Due to the hot temperatures and beaches in Miami, it’s no secret that the women like to walk around in their bikinis. With the clothing line which was originally supposed to be called Broken Zippers, Shateria wanted to send the message that it’s okay to have clothes on and still be cute. Months later she was showing Front Row clothing during New York Fashion Week.

You can’t come up in here with no t-shirts. They gone be like ‘oh okay, next!’. So I showed at New York Fashion Week. I promise you, people that I care for most were so against me showing in New York Fashion Week. “You’re not ready” “This just happened for you” “I don’t think you’re ready, try next year”. And I was like okay, mind you I’m a very private person so when I come up with something and write my ideas its all within me. It’s not me telling the world. I believe that when you include people its just too many signals. I mean I’m a pisces I’m already overthinking everything. “They not gone like it” “What if the zipper’s not right” “What if the colors are wack”. I don’t need you and you and you in my mind because then it will never get done.

On the response after her first runway show at New York Fashion Week:

So people that were close to me and telling me “You’re not ready” “Fashion week is too big”, I’m an up north girl it’s not too big for me! Im going to take my talent to New York and we gone rock. And that’s just what it’s going to be. So I showed in NYFW and when I tell you, it was so crazy. It was so amazing it was a hit, ever since that day. And the people that were against me, that night called and was like “OMG I’m so proud of you” “OMG you did so good”, straight on me. I was like for real? Really? Oh okay! So if I had to give any advice it would be do not listen to people around you.

On being an African American woman in a Caucasian dominated industry:

I really feel like as an African-American woman, there are so many Caucasian women that do this. We out here too! And it’s fine cause we’re gonna’ get it and I love that cause I’m a part of that. I am a brown girl forever! And I think that it’s just amazing. So when I see other women doing their thing it really does inspire me.

On how important legacy is:

… If you never try it then you’ll never become anything and your legacy will just be like, BLAH. You’ll just die and be a person that was here. Who wants to do that? Legacy is so important to me. You want to leave this earth with a mark.

On the biggest lesson she’s learned thus far in her career, being kind:

I promise the world is this small. You gotta’ be kind to everybody even if you don’t wanna’ be. Because they might be the sister to the  person that you may need for something.

Watch the footage below.

The event which was sponsored by Sweet Bitch Wine, Snazzy Events and Minx Diva Nails, was a success! You can be a part of Erica Dias’s next Table Of 20 event. Be sure to follow Table Of 20 on Instagram for more info.

Check out the gallery below to see photos from the event.

Footage And Photo Cred: Erick Robinson

Exclusive Interview: Erica Mena Talks Bow Wow Engagement, Love And Hip Hop And Split From Cyn Santana

photo 1 (4)

Come catch these T’s cha!

Earlier this year we told you guys that Erica Mena and Bow Wow had been dating after seeing them on vacation and flicking it up on the club scene together. Well cha, Erica agreed to sit down with us and give us the deets on her current relationship with Mr. 106 so we met up at Trime Nail Lounge in Atlanta for pedicures.

The reality star showed up naturally beautiful wearing no makeup, a sloppy bun, sneakers, sweats and a flannel. We sat down and got straight to business. She told us about her relationship with Cyn Santana and why they split, she had nothing but positive things to say about her ex-girlfriend. When asked about Rich Dollaz, Erica didn’t have much of anything to say. HA!

When it was time for Erica to reveal the engagement details she couldn’t say much. Probably because it may be shown on the next season of Love And Hip Hop NY. 

Having just wrapped up her Hispanic heritage month collaboration with Latina Magazine, Erica is now focusing on “HER” clothing line sold exclusively on

Catch our interview below.

Part One Exclusive Interview: Po Johnson Talks New Album, Being In Love, Sex, Beyonce’s Album And More


Fun, free spirited, full of life and full of spunk are just a few of the characteristics that makes up the beautiful Po Johnson. Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Po from La La’s Full Court Life for a one-on-one exclusive interview.

During the interview Po dished on topics such as her love and sex life as well as new music she has for us and how she feels about Bey’s latest album. She also let us know what we can expect from her during this upcoming season of La La’s Full Court Life.

Peep the excerpts below.

On her forthcoming album:

It feels like the album is old because I’ve been working on it for so long. It’s basically just a diary of everything I’ve experienced within the last decade being love, life, you know… sex, drugs, everything. But it’s a good album. It started off as one thing and as I grew it grew into something else. I tarted working on the project before the show so to hear the growth and the story it’s like a really good novel but not like a best seller just something you find on the shelf and say, “Damn this is a good book”.

On what it feels like to be in love:

It feels good. It always fees good to share certain intimate moments with. The sex is good, and we’re having sex on the regular, and she’s hot so it’s fun it’s fun. I wouldn’t say we’re ready to walk down the isle but we enjoy each other thoroughly.

Back in 2012 during an interview with Jack Thriller, Po said she wanted to create a visual album similar to what Beyonce’s latest album consisted of. When we asked how she felt about Bey’s album she said:

I think that what I had was a good idea I just didn’t have the things to put behind that idea and I can’t be mad at Bey for putting out that project it was great!

On whether or not she’s still going to do it:

Yeah I’ll do it. I’ll just do it in a different fashion. 

On what we can expect from her on this season of La La’s Full Court Life:

The show is cool because you’ve been able to grow with us as characters. Last season was very personal it was a lot about my dad and money and everything that I was going through. This season is actually the triumph from those stories before ya know. Me and my dad have a really good relationship, I’m fuc-ing, ummm like last season I was single. I don’t know if I can give too much away because I’m not supposed to but things are on the up and up ….

Watch the full interview below.

Stay tuned for part 2…

Choreographer Viva La’ Veese Takes On Ciara’s “Body Party”

Ci Ci better watch out because Ms. Viva La’ Veese got moves honey!

I had the pleasure of meeting Viva during a networking event called Business Babes Who Brunch that took place on Saturday in Philadelphia and had no idea that this woman had moves such as the ones featured in the below video of her and her dancers dancing to Ciara’s Body Party. Viva is an up and coming choreographer located in the Philadelphia area and has worked with some of the top artists in the city such as Lee Mazin and GoGo Morrow.

In the wee hours of the night Viva released her latest choreographed video. The video features Viva and her ladies, TeamViva, teasing major sex appeal and seduction. The crew’s apparel consisted of thigh-high stockings and tan thong equipped leotards that would make it easy for any of Miley Cyrus’ twerk sessions. Ha! Hey fellas this video is certain to make your day!

Get into the video below. Explicit content.

Ladies feel free to try this at home.

Check out Viva’s website for more info.

Personal Story: On Being Fired From Job “I was asked to leave IMMEDIATELY”

photo (5)Good Morning!

It has been 6 months since the launch of and I have yet to sit down and write up a personal story of myself. I’m sure you guys want to know more abut the woman behind the brand. Welp here goes nothing!

Recently, I shared a short story about how I just recently got fired from my 9 to 5 job on instagram, but I wanted to go more in depth with you guys about the story because so many people were inspired by the post.

It was all good just a week ago. LOL.

Okay so five months after college I landed a media sales job and when I first started out I loved it, I really did. It was everything that I wanted pretty much. I had an office job, salary based pay and I was constantly being challenged with the day to day activities. I love being challenged but only in positive ways but soon those challenges became more of headache than anything else. I felt like I was constantly trying to prove myself to certain people and whatever I did wasn’t good enough. Folks went out of their way to run in the manager’s office to tell on me. Not to mention my immediate supervisor nagged and complained about everything and the way she went about certain things were extremely unprofessional. It got to the point where I literally told her not to talk to me outside of any work that she needs for me to do.

Once I started the blog things got worse. Individuals in the office became jealous of me expanding my horizons. Which is something that I will never understand because clearly we all have the same opportunities out here. So if you want something go get it ! Anywho, I distanced myself from everyone and it was simply because I was no longer interested in the he say, she say gossip that was circulating the office. Instead I became more business minded and made my number one priority. But instead of folks being happy for me and offering to help they sat back and talked about me over salads and light croutons. No worries though I kept my focus and energy on the website and no lie, seeing all of the positive comments from my readers made those days in the office a lot easier and helped lower my stress levels.


Last week, I walked in late and was asked to leave IMMEDIATELY after having been put on three 30-day probations in a row. Yes! I was put on a 90 day probation for absolutely nothing. One day I asked to go to Wawa around 2:30 to go grab a sub, which is normal because we make store runs all the time on the clock. But I was told that because I asked to go at 2:30 that means I was doing “other things” (a.k.a. blogging) during my lunch which was unacceptable and was one of the reasons that I was being put on probation lol. Didn’t know grabbing a sub would get me in so much trouble, damn you Wawa!

Not by any means am I going to sit here and say that I was a perfect assistant. I’ve had days where I’ve messed up and could’ve done better but it was all a valuable learning experience. I learned so much from the company and from both my supervisors and I know the skills that I’ve acquired will be beneficial to my future. I could have channeled their negative energy into negative actions but I chose to use it as motivation. The motivation for me is proving that I can do something when others don’t believe that I am capable. And, my supervisor being a total bit-h towards me didn’t hurt me. It helped me. That too was motivation for me to go hard, so I thank her for that. She couldn’t have done a better job. Ha!

I say all of that to say, GO HARD! No matter the circumstance and no matter what may be going on around you find what it is that you are passionate about and start working. When you are passionate about it, you don’t have to get paid for it because you love what you are doing and know that the money will come once you put in the work. If you are currently unemployed and are looking for work but can’t seem to land anything, DON’T GIVE UP! Believe that you are going to get a job, wake up everyday and grind and I guarantee something will happen for you!

I hope that you can use my story as motivation/inspiration. Have a great day everyone!

Ciara And Future Bring Their Body Party To Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Show

My body’s calling you! I know you hear my body calling you!

Ciara and Future brought their Body Party to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. During the first half of the performance Future made Ciara certain of how much he needed her body while singing his verse to her. Ciara on the other hand was giving an old school feel as she belted out Body Party with her background singers harmonizing in the back.

Future sat in the background smoking his cigar and sipping out of his cup as he watched Ci Ci work her black, long, cut-out dress. We were waiting for her to walk over at the end and give Future the infamous strip tease, as seen in the video, but the couple kept it cute. Watch it below. 

Big Sean Stirs Up Sex Tease For Fault Magazine

Big-Sean-In-Fault-Magazine-1-ihatemypublicistOh God!

Big Sean is stirring up some serious sex tease in the pictures photographed above that were featured in Fault Magazine. The up close and personal, crotch grabbing and leg stroking photos were shot by Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold. This is a side of Sean that we’ve never seen before but what’s new to us is probably old to Sean’s Glee actress girlfriend Naya Rivera.

Check out more photos from the spread below.

big-sean-music-cover big-sean-inside-1 big-sean-fault-magazine-4-1