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Colin Kaepernick Talks Being Adopted In GQ Magazine

There is a God! The San Francisco 49er QB, Colin Kaepernick, is covering the September issue of GQ Magazine. Although he has on way more clothes than he had on in his previous magazine cover he’s just as sexy. OKAY!  If you didn’t know, Colin’s biological mother is Caucasian and his father is Black but Colin was adopted and raised by a Caucasian family. Inside, Rick Kaepernick talks about adopting Colin and how he and Teresa Kaepernick found ways to make him feel comfortable in his skin once Colin knew he looked different from the rest of the family. Rick...
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Dwayne Wade Responds To Ex-Wife Siovaughn’s Homeless Allegations

Looks like Dwayne isn’t paying his ex-wife Siovaughn any attention, or at least he’s acting like he isn’t. We watched Siovaughn sit downtown appearing to be homeless in Chicago and talk to the press about how Dwayne will not allow her to spend much time with their children and about how she gets treated by the court system in comparison to her ex-hubby. Although we didn’t know how true her story was, we felt kind of bad because she seemed sincere. Just know she’s far from homeless. In a statement released from Dwayne’s lawyer it says that he is spending...
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Coupled Up: Gabrielle Union And Dwayne Wade ESPY Awards

Oh Ms. Mary Jane! Fresh off of a 10-day long vacation in China, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade showed true Love and Basketball at the 2013 pre-espy award show party. The two love birds were everything except shy of the camera as they shared a few intimate moments for the photographers. The photos reminded us of those high school puppy love chilling by the locker days (sighs). Gabby hugged up on her boo in a comfy gray dress and heels with her hair tied up in a cute bun. Dwayne wore a pair of jeans, black blazer with leather sleeves...
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