Three Girls That Define Black Girl Magic


Meet the three girls that defines black girl magic with their diligence, melanin,  and gold medals Simone Biles, Michelle Carter and Simone Manuel. In Rio, Brazil during the 2016 Olympics a gymnast, shot putter, and swimmer have all epitomized the true definition of remaining committed towards chasing your dreams.

ST. LOUIS, MO - JUNE 26: Simone Biles competes in the floor exercise during day two of the 2016 P&G Gymnastics Championships at Chafitz Arena on June 26, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

Simone Biles is presently the first woman ever to be the all around world champion 3 years in a row. Biles unmatched dance and hardcore work ethics have astonished the judges and has given credits the opportunity to rename Biles the best female gymnast. Biles standing at 4 foot 9 inches and only being 19  years old has been linked to becoming the first gymnast since 1974 to win four consecutive all around titles at the U.S. National Championships. She has won fourteen championships medals, (ten being gold) the most ever won by any American female gymnast.

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Game changer Michelle Carter has become the first U.S. woman to win an Olympic shot put gold medal with 20.63 meters. “With this championship I didn’t worry; I wasn’t doubting myself.” In order to claim her triumph Carter strategized her game plan in order to defeat and upset 2 time gold medalist Valeri Adams of New Zealand just shying off with 20.42 meters.  The 31 year old NFL daughter to defensive lineman Michael Carter received the bronze medal at the 2015 World Championship. After receiving her bronze award, it seems Carter was here for one thing and one thing only, a gold medal. Alongside Carter’s free time she enjoys to work on her individual business called and is the founder of You Throw Girl Confidence Camp. Her mission is to empower and educate young millennial women while unlocking their fears and transforming into their best selves. “I want to help young girls to have that confidence in themselves and their abilities to be their best.” With her makeup line  she inspires to give women a reminder on the importance of their physical appearance. Carter’s a game attitude must run through her veins, “I came to compete; that’s one thing my Dad always went over with me: when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. There is no time for thinking, there is no time for second guessing.”


Last but not least is 20  year old Simone Manuel whom tied for first place with Canadian Penny Oleksiak in the 100 meter freestyle. Manuel has officially become the first African American woman to win a gold medal in swimming. Her breath taking reaction of finishing across the line was a tearful sight to watch as she poured tears of joy herself. Although her reaction was priceless, Manuel’s speech was beyond heroic. “The gold medal wasn’t for me. It was for people that came before me and inspired me to stay in the spot. This is all for all who came before me and all who will come after who believe they can’t do it. Sadly at times like this with love and support in our hearts, we’re also reminded of Dorothy Dandridge. The African American woman whom dipped her toe into a pool after being told she was prohibited entry, and afterwards forced to watch the cleaners drain the entire pool from her bedroom window.

Congrats ladies!!!

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Freakiest Young Couple: Iggy Azalea And Nick Young Gets Flirty For GQ Magazine


Twitter flirting goes a long way these days. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Iggy Azalea and her baller boo Nick Young. Ever since Nick pegged Iggy as his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) on Twitter the two have been hanging out and spending a lot of time together. Months later they done snagged a spread in GQ Magazine. They better werk!

GQ named the flirtatious couple Freakiest Young Couple.

Due to the amount of the sex appeal that Iggy displays and the level of success that Nick has reached, that raises the question “Who gets the most attention.” When GQ asked them the question

Iggy, says “Nick”, without hesitating. 

Nick chimes in:

Because of the way she dresses and her, uh, figure. It’s hard to top that, ya know?

Get into their freaky photos below.

1392915465689_nick-young-iggy-azalea-gq-magazine-march-2014-nba-basketball-style-rap-02 1392915465685_nick-young-iggy-azalea-gq-magazine-march-2014-nba-basketball-style-rap-01 1392915465690_nick-young-iggy-azalea-gq-magazine-march-2014-nba-basketball-style-rap-03

Watch their hilarious and freaky behind the scenes interview below.

Dwyane Wade Confirms That He Got A Chick Pregnant While Taking A Break From Gabrielle Union


Looks like Dwyane’s been doing some unnecessary dunking off the court!

Just one week after Dwyane Wade proposed to his girlfriend of four years, Gabrielle Union, it has been reported that the Miami Heat baller has recently birthed a baby boy outside of his relationship with Gabby.

Dwayne made the announcement to Entertainment Tonight before Monday night’s game:

I had a time apart and in our break, in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy. So, I’m moving on. This is something that my family knows and my now-fiancée worked through when we got back together and understood that we wanted to continue our lives together and continue supporting our family, and we’re going to do that. 

When asked if having a child out of wedlock is okay he stated:

It would compromise it if I wasn’t a father first. I’m always going to be a father first. That doesn’t change… But, like I said, this is something, obviously, private for my family that we will continue to deal with as a family but we have a blessing to the bloodline, to the Wade bloodline. And from that standpoint, it doesn’t, to me, state anything differently from what I’ve always shown.

Apparently, when Dwyane was taking his break from Gabby, he was said to have been spending it with a chick that goes by the name of Sandrina Schultz.. According to sources, Sandrina and Dwyane have been friends for a very long time.

Peep a flick of Dwyane and his alleged baby mother below.


He was recently spending time with his newborn son.

Gabby even addressed her haters via twitter. Earlier she wrote:

The goal is NOT perfection… The goal is to be whole

That “you complete me” mess is total crap… Work on YOURSELF. Become whole, healthy & happy & watch what happens

If u are unhappy/angry/resentful w/ ur life, before u pt the finger & place blame/shame on others… Look at urself. WE control our own destiny

Workin on ME has gotten me MUCH further than obsessing/criticizing/judging other folks. U never lose when u work on yourself

Hope everyone has a great day! #LoveLightandGoodTimes

Meanwhile, Sandrina also claims she slept with Lamar Odom and it was reported that she been paid $4,000 to perform orgies with Dwyane. Yikes! sandrina-schultz-dwyane-wade-5


Magic Johnson Revisits The Day He Told His Wife He Had Been Diagnosed With HIV


In honor of World Aids Day Magic Johnson sat down with Oprah and shared the heartfelt story of what it was like the day he received the phone call from his L.A. doctor back in 1991.

Magic was at the top of his game. He had everything money, fame and plenty of women throwing themselves at him. It never occurred to Magic that he needed to have protected sex with these women up until the day he realized he had to drive home to his wife Cookie who was pregnant at the time and tell her that he had been diagnosed with HIV.

Magic says he was sitting in a hotel in Utah, getting ready for an exhibition game when he got the call. The doctor told him to immediately fly back to Los Angeles, but wouldn’t tell him why.

I walk in the office and he started talking about the test. And what came out of the physical was, ‘You have HIV.’

During the ride home, Magic says he thought about how he would break the devastating news to Cookie.

The worst thing about it is I knew I was going to hurt her. Because she had waited for me, been patient with me, supported me …and now I’m about to break her heart.

Watch him relive the story below.


Sadder Day: An Intoxicated Lamar Odom Raps About Cheating On Khloe And Using Drugs In Leaked Footage


Dang this is sad!

Today Lamar Odom is learning an extremely valuable lesson about choosing which individuals to hang around. An embarrassing video has leaked of an intoxicated Lamar Odom and a “friend” rapping in a bathroom on a camera phone. Throughout the video Lamar’s “friend” holds the camera while Lamar takes shots at his haters and his wife Khloe such as:

I keep the grass cut so I never see the snakes, and this boy here, I got good taste 

I’m telling you this sh-t was meant to be that’s why ya boy got his own fragrance

They low key hating and Imma keep making

And when Khloe’s out of town, I guess I’ll still be on the DL

Don’t think it’s a good idea to be saying you’ll be “on the DL” when your standing in a bathroom next to another man and both of you are shirtless. But if that’s what your into!

The drunk friend chimed in with lyrics like:

You know what it is

We the QU [Queens] pimps

Ask any of these shorties

We ran through their cribs

Moments after, Lamar hinted that he smokes to take the pain away. SMH sadder day!

Watch the footage below.

Khloe is currently in South Africa working so is that why he said “when Khloe’s out of town, I guess I’ll still be on the DL”? If so, that’s wild. Also, did his friend leak this footage ? Talk about snake in the grass. Lamar has to be more careful out here!

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Adrian Peterson’s 2 Year Old ‘Secret Son’ Brutally Beaten And Dies + Adrian Speaks Out

Sadly, it has been reported that Adrian Peterson from the Minnesota, Vikings 2 year old “secret” son has passed away from injuries.

It was initially reported by TMZ this morning that Adrian Peterson Jr., (Adrian’s 2 year old son) was hospitalized and was in critical condition. Adrian Peterson Jr. isn’t the son that was beat to death though, that is his other son. A reporter claims, that Adrian just recently found out about the possibility of the boy that was beaten being his. The mother recently came forth and told Adrian that she thinks he might be the father of her child. No paternity test has be taken yet, according to sources.

Why did the boyfriend beat the boy though? That question is still unclear but he beat him so bad that when the ambulance arrived the boy was unresponsive. A source tells TMZ, Adrian was made aware of the incident before it made public news. Wow! So sad!

Below is what TMZ is stating.

Adrian Peterson‘s 2-year-old son has died … cops have confirmed.Cops believe Peterson’s son was severely beaten by 27-year-old Joseph Patterson, the man who was dating the mother of the NFL star’s child.As we reported, the mother of the child has decided to donate the child’s organs to people in need. The boy was on life support since 5:30 PM Thursday … but his condition never improved … so family members made the decision to take the child off the ventilator. Sources tell TMZ .. Adrian was informed about the situation before the news went public. We’re told Peterson will be planning the funeral with other members of the boy’s family.Patterson was initially arrested in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for assault and battery of an infant — and now, it’s almost certain the charges will be elevated to murder.  The details surrounding the beating are unclear — but cops say medical responders were called to the apartment where the child was living on Wednesday evening … and he was unresponsive when help arrived.

Peterson just sent a series of Tweets: “God Bless everyone and thank u so much. The NFL is a fraternity of brothers and I am thankful for the tweets, phone calls and text messages from my fellow players. Thank you to my family, my fans and fans of other teams for their support.”

According to ArgusLeader this isn’t the first time that the boyfriend, Joseph Patterson, has behaved violently. Before this incident took place he beat on the mother of his child as well as her 3 year old son. Reports read:

His child’s mother had only recently moved in with Patterson at his south Sioux Falls apartment, police said.

Patterson was indicted on several counts of simple assault involving the woman and her 3-year-old son in June of 2012.

The woman took out a protection order against him in Lincoln County prior to his arrest, saying he had spanked her 3-year-old so hard for misbehaving in church that he needed ice for welts on his buttocks. When she got angry with him for it, she wrote, he made the children go to their rooms, pulled the shades, grabbed her by the throat and waved his fist in her face.

He stopped when their infant son began to cry. She also wrote that he had behaved violently in the past.

“He has threaten (sic) to kill me multiple times,” she wrote.

The woman took out temporary protection orders against him twice in Minnehaha County prior to the birth of their son.

Patterson was given a one-year jail term in each Lincoln County case, with all the time suspended on the condition he attend domestic violence counseling.

In court on Friday, Wollman said Patterson was a danger to the community and at risk to flee. The prosecutor asked for a $750,000 cash bond, a request granted by Judge Stuart Tiede.

Tiede set a hearing for Oct. 30 to determine if Patterson will be ordered to serve his jail terms.

Adrian seems to be handling the situation pretty well and aside from wanting privacy he says, he will be on the football field this Sunday. Watch below.

We send our prayers to Adrian and his family.

We’ll keep you updated on this story.

Are Sanaa Lathan And NFL Baller Colin Kaepernick A Couple?

Looks like Sanaa may have been taking some tips from Gabrielle Union.

Sanaa Lathan, star of the upcoming movie Best Man Holiday and San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick had an intimate dinner date last weekend. Random right?

And the 42-year-old actress and 25-year-old baller aren’t hiding it at all! We don’t quite no how long they’ve been “seeing each other” but we do know that they’re not one ounce of shy about it.

When Sanaa posted the pic above of the two bunned up in the restaurant and a caption that read “xoxo”, Colin reposted the pic with a caption that read “this.”

How cute. Although this may have been a couple that the public may have least expected, they are cute together. With Sanaa being one of the baddest actresses in the game and Colin’s cute face and dough cheese I say they make for a potential power couple. Hmmm.

Lebron James Marries High School Sweetheart Savannah Brinson

According to the Associated Press, Lebron James’ and Savannah Brinson’s very private wedding was pegged as “A first class affair”. On Saturday night, Lebron James married his high school sweetheart in San Diego at the posh resort. Close friends and family members were dined with a five course meal and the toast was topped off with Moet and Dom Perignon Rose’.

Celebrity friends like Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union, Adrienne Bosh, Chris Bosh, Neyo and more were in attendance. Power couple, and good friends of Lebron and Savannah, Beyonce and Jay-Z were in attendance as well. Us Weekly reported that Beyonce and Hov flew in and surprised the newly-weds and Bey even performed Crazy In Love.

Although guests were not allowed to have their cell phones upon arrival, we have a few photos thanks to Instagram. See photos below. 

Love these two! Underneath Gabby’s pic she wrote, “#Swoon #love #wedding” as they headed to the ceremony.

Sidebar: It’ s about time these two have a ceremony of their own!


Married couple Chris and Adrienne Bosh looked stunning as they flicked it up before the wedding. After the wedding, Adrrienne tweeted:

What a wonderful evening!! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. James … Thanks for sharing Ur night & love with us @SavannahRB @KingJames

Congrats to the lovely couple!

Lamar Odom Checks Into Drug Rehabilitation Center

Two sources confirm to People that Lamar Odom has checked into a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol use. The source says, “He realized he needs help.”  Rumors began to circulate a couple of weeks ago when Lamar was accused for vanishing for over 72 hours. A friend shut the missing rumors down when they reported that Lamar was never missing and another source came forth claiming that Lamar was trying to get help for unspecified drug problem.

We haven’t found out which actual “drug” that Lamar is allegedly using but it has been reported that he has been struggling with a cocaine addiction for 2 years now. Lamar was also arrested for a DUI last week.

Just to let you guys in on a little past history, Lamar Odom’s father struggled with a heroine addiction.

Sidebar: There are a lot of “sources” but neither Khloe nor Lamar has confirmed anything as of yet. Stay tuned.

Read the back story here.

Colin Kaepernick Talks Being Adopted In GQ Magazine

There is a God!

The San Francisco 49er QB, Colin Kaepernick, is covering the September issue of GQ Magazine. Although he has on way more clothes than he had on in his previous magazine cover he’s just as sexy. OKAY! 

If you didn’t know, Colin’s biological mother is Caucasian and his father is Black but Colin was adopted and raised by a Caucasian family. Inside, Rick Kaepernick talks about adopting Colin and how he and Teresa Kaepernick found ways to make him feel comfortable in his skin once Colin knew he looked different from the rest of the family. Rick also discussed the time when Colin decided he wanted to get cornrows like Allen Iverson and how they had to drive a little ways to find someone who new how to do it. Ha, too cute!

Rick: Colin knew from the very beginning that he was different. I mean, it was pretty obvious. Either my wife or I had an affair, or something else was going on, right? So when he asked about the color of his skin, we’d just say, ‘You’ve got such beautiful brown skin! We’re jealous!’ We never wanted him to feel that he was white or that he should be. Only to be who he needed to be. In eighth grade, he was a big Allen Iverson fan and wanted cornrows. We had to go all the way to Modesto to find a guy who did that.

Colin continued:

On summer vacations, it happened every time. We’d be checking into a motel and somebody would come up to me as I’m standing next to my family, all nervous, and say, ‘Um, can I help you with something?

See photos from the shoot below.