Big Sean’s Beach Is Better: Naya Rivera Gets Breast Implants?

photo 1

I paid for them titties get ya’ own! Ha!

Did Big Sean purchase his fiance some new toys? Rumors have sparked that the 27-year old Glee actress may have gotten breast implants after she posted the above pic on Instagram. Naya Rivera shared the sexy photo of she and Big Sean on the beach and we couldn’t help but notice how big her breast looked in her bikini.  Sean seemed to be enjoying them… as he should. Ha!

Naya seems to flaunt her breast around regularly and they’ve never looked as big as they are now. With such a heavy schedule you may be wondering how Naya had the time to get the surgery and heal so fast. Hollywood Life spoke to an expert that says a woman can get the procedure done on a Friday and be back to work on Monday as long as her job doesn’t involve great physical exertion. Judging from the photo, doc reveals that the actress looks to have gone from a B cup to a D cup.

Well whatever she’s done it looks great on her.

Catch a before and after flick below.


Big difference!

Now Sean’s beach is better!

photo 2 (99)

Photo Cred-Instagram

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