Big Sean Digs A Hole For Himself In New Video Dedicated To His Ex-Girlfriend “Ashley”

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Well this was unexpected.

Who knew that night of cheating could turn out to be so dangerous?

Sean finds himself in a world full of trouble in his new video Ashley. In the wee hours of the night while laying next to his mistress, Sean wakes up to a text message and later finds himself beat up, kidnapped and tied to a chair. Sean makes three attempts to escape to freedom but in the end he’ll be forced to dig a hole for himself.

The song was written as a tribute to Sean’s high-school sweetheart Ashley, before he proposed to Glee actress Naya Rivera. Previously, when asked how Naya felt about the song, Sean replied:

My new girlfriend thinks it’s dope. She’s professional, she writes songs and she’s on that show “Glee” so she understands. She has music about her old relationships. 

Very mature.

Miguel lent his vocals to the track but doesn’t make an appearance in the video.

Get into Sean’s new video below.

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