Beyonce Responds To Solange’s Attack On Jay-Z: “Give Me Discernment And Strength To Separate Myself From Anyone Who Is Not A Good Influence”

By now we’re sure you all have heard that it went down between Solange and Jay-Z on the elevator after the Met Gala.

Early this morning TMZ released a short clip of an enraged Solange violently attacking Jay Z. Later they released a 3 minute and 31 second clip of the entire incident.

Beyonce looked as if she didn’t want any parts as she stood off to the side remaining poised while continuously fixing her dress. At one point Bey somewhat tried to intervene by standing in front of Jay Z while the bodyguard attempted to restrain Solange. Which was hard to do considering the fact that she was kicking and punching every chance she got. At one point she even threw her purse at him releasing all the contents inside.

Solange was so ferocious that one of the bodyguards pressed the emergency stop button on the 12th floor in attempt to buy more time so no-one would see the altercation. That gave Solange the opportunity to gather her things up off the floor including her shoes that came off while kicking her brother in-law.

Once Solange got herself somewhat together the trio stepped off the elevator but not before Solange punched Jay Z a few more times.

Bey and Solange hopped in a car together and drove off while Jay opted to ride alone. Sheesh!

Watch the extended video below.


Mobile viewers watch below.

Was this the reason why Beyonce posted the following photo on Instagram the next day?

photo (74)

The motive behind Solange’s actions are still unknown but we’ll keep you updated!

Beyonce clearly looked un-bothered afterward, meanwhile Solange was pissed!

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